Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Hacked

The official Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of the social media platform, has been hacked, with the hackers sending a series of offensive tweets from the account. More than 90 minutes elapsed between the first false tweet attributed to Dorsey and the announcement that Twitter had secured his account. Hackers who call themselves the Chuckling Squad said they were responsible.

Twitter blamed the incident on a “security oversight” by a mobile phone company. The hackers were apparently able to access the account by transferring the phone number connected to Dorsey’s account to a new SIM card, which often requires the assistance of a customer support employee for a cellphone carrier. After the switch, the hackers could then post their tweets by texting.

The series of offensive tweets coming from the account obviously weren’t from Jack Dorsey. One of the first tweets sent from the compromised account was the N-word. Minutes later, another was sent praising Hitler. Another contained a hint that a bomb was at Twitter’s headquarters. The company later said there was no bomb.

According to the statement from Twitter, the attack lasted no more than 30 minutes and that only Dorsey’s account was hijacked. Many people on the social media platform are now speculating what could happen if President Donald Trump’s account were compromised in a similar manner. The idea is not that far-fetched. Trump’s Twitter account was temporarily deactivated in November 2017 for 11 minutes by an employee on his last day of work.

Some critics are saying that this could be a warning that Twitter can’t protect the president’s account. The company won’t say what steps it’s taken to keep President Trump’s Twitter account safe.