Apple Watch 5 series to debut next month with stunning upgrades

Much attention has been zeroing in on Apple’s new iPhone models which are scheduled to debut on Tuesday, September 10, particularly because of the rather controversial design change on the back. User’s who love Apple’s wearable products though have been concerned that there has been little information on the Apple Watch but rumors are trickling in and it looks as though they could be seeing a big change for the Apple Watch.

We will all remember that the Apple Watch series 4 brought the electrocardiogram (ECG) to smartwatches and started a whole new trend to that part of the tech industry. Even though the ECG was limited to a few countries it grounded Apple’s vision of using its Watch series as diagnostic tools for health problems, not only in detecting heart conditions but also determining and calling for help when user’s fall. Now, Apple is working with researchers to develop a Watch that can work with smartphones to be able to detect early mental deterioration such as dementia.

For now though, new features of the Apple Watch 5 are technical and aesthetic in nature. Ming-chi Kuowho is a well known analyst on anything Apple Watch, says that the next Apple Watch 5 series will have an OLED screen from Japan Display, Inc. (JDI). The reason for the switch to OLED with a predominantly dark screen is to help improve battery life on a smartphone.

According to Forbes’ Consumer Techdivision, in an exclusive report with Filipe Esposito, iHelp BR, who found clues from the watchOS 6 setup animation, Apple’s new Apple Watch 5 series will have titanium and ceramic bodies and will be 44 mm in size. Titanium and ceramic are premium materials that Apple has never used before on any of its Apple Watches. Use of these premium materials will reinforce the Apple Watches as luxury timepieces regardless of the somewhat outdated square design.

It is possible that all of these hints may not be in reference to the Apple Watch 5 but perhaps a refresh of the Apple watch 4. What is exciting is that Apple may have announcements to make on its smartwatches alongside the debuting of its new iPhones in September.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that Apple will be showing its new Apple Watch 5 series at that time as well.