Huge 17-foot-tall Ultra HD TV Revealed by Sony

Imagine a television screen bigger than a bus.  It won’t fit in your living room but it has been created by Sony so you will soon see it in your local cinema movie theater.

It seems this is all part of what appears to be a war in big TV production by rival companies as they make larger and larger TVs with higher resolutions every year. Earlier this year, Samsung revealed its product ‘The Wall’ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which could fit into a living room wall but now Sony has come out with its creation of a huge MicroLED display screen which measures a phenomenal 17 feet in height by 63 feet in length.

Sony revealed its 17-foot-tall ultra HD TV which the BBC reported to be compared to the size of a bus.  However, more important than its size is the technology – its resolution.  Sony, the electronics giant in the industry, calls the HD resolution the ‘Crystal LED’ because it has an incredibly sharp 16K screen resolution.

Having a resolution of 16K means that the TV screen panel has 16 times the amount of pixels that are found in a 4K UHD display and also 64 times the pixels in 1080p resolution.

This 17-foot-tall ultra HD TV isn’t being built in one piece of course, but is being built in sections which are pieced together out of bezel-free panels. Using panels to make up a massive single screen is not new.  

Samsung displayed ‘The Wall’ in January of this year at CES, which increased in size from 146 inches (a year ago) to 219 inches and it uses the panel concept. Samsung has produced The Wall with more than TV entertainment in mind.  The Wall can be used to display work s of art when its not in use.

What Sony has just revealed and previewed by the public and the industry will more likely be the future of movie screens for cinemas. This combination of astounding almost impossibly high resolution with theatrical sized imagery will be something that Hollywood and all in the movie industry will not be able to resist.

Although Samsung probably won’t worry much with competition by Sony against its The Wall for people with huge living room walls and money to spare. 

No, Sony’s massive monster of a screen will most likely end up at your local cineplex for your next viewing of a favorite movie premiere.