Uber and Lyft to Offer Voters Rides to Cast Ballots During Midterm Elections

Ride-hailing giant Uber will do its share in helping get voter to polling stations during the upcoming midterm elections. The company announced on Thursday it will offer free rides to voters to reach the polls who say that problems with transportation will keep them from voting.

Uber has also created a polling place button that will help voters to easily find where they have to go to vote on Tuesday November 6.

In a blog post, CEO of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi said that with the election or 2018 next month, many groups and companies across the U.S. are doing extra to support the country’s democratic process.

The Uber CEO added that through using the company’s resources and technology it can help make it much easier for every rider on Uber in the country to get to the polling place they are registered to vote at with just one push of the button.

According to one research group online arriving at voting polls can be a big obstacle for many U.S. voters. Thirty-five percent of the youth who did not attend college say that lack of transportation is why they did not vote during the 2016 election.

Uber said that was an area in which it could help. With its new polling place button, all voters are able to open the app, push a button, find the polling location and then hail an Uber to take them there.

Lyft will also work in getting voters out to polling stations. In August, the ride-hailing company announced it would offer rides for half price to all U.S. voters on November 6 and for the underserved communities and the voters there that have transportation problems all Lyft rides would be free.

As well as giving rides to the polls, Uber and Lyft are working on getting voters registered before deadline in different states. The two companies are hosting events related to voter registration at their hubs and sharing information on voter registration with clients through social media and their apps.