Amazon Launches New Curbside Pickup at Whole Foods

Amazon has announced that it is starting another curbside pickup service, but this time the service is at Whole Foods for members of its Prime club.

This new service allows members of the subscription service to make their grocery orders online using the Amazon Prime Now app and then pick their order up at the nearest Whole Foods store without even leaving the comfort of the car.

Whole Foods, which was acquired last year by Amazon, is not the first supermarket or retailer that offers pickup at the curb. Target, Kroger, Nordstrom and Walmart all offer services of a similar nature.

Amazon has tried to lure member of Prime to its Whole Foods locations with exclusive prices and shopping conveniences. In early 2018, the online giant rolled out its Prime delivery service for members that shopped at the Whole Foods markets.

Prime Now’s business development head Tanvi Patel said the different customers equals different needs and customers prefer to have the convenience of picking up their groceries while heading back to their home, or if they want to picnic in the park or are just going to the home of a friend.

The option for pick-up also makes the art of multi-tasking that much easier said Patel. Staying in your vehicle allows for the continuation of a conference call or saves that hassle of getting all the kids or occupants of the vehicle out and then into the store.

The process works in the following way: the order for groceries is made through a Prime Now app, with pickup available between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The customer then drives to a Whole Foods location and parks in a designated area for pick-up, then notes the number of their parking spot on the app and waits for one of the Prime Shoppers to find them.

On all orders of $35 or more pick up is free and for orders less than $35 the cost is $1.99.

If the groceries are needed quickly, they can be prepared within 30 minutes for a price of $4.99 without a minimum order.

The curbside pickup service started Wednesday in Sacramento, California and Virginia Beach, Virginia, and will expand to other cities that are already offering their delivery service, during the course of this year.