Louis Vuitton Launches Chatbot On Facebook Messenger

A chatbot has been unveiled for clients in the United States by Louis Vuitton on Facebook Messenger. This is according to Mode.ai, a startup based in Palo Alto, California. With the chatbot clients will have any questions regarding Louis Vuitton answered. Clients will also be able to search the online catalog of the brand with the help of the chatbot. They will also be provided with maintenance tips for the products that they purchase.

This comes in the wake of LVMH, the owner of the Louis Vuitton brand, accelerating efforts aimed at aligning the luxury-goods empire with the digital age. In the course of the year LVMH unveiled various e-commerce sites for it beverage as well as fashion products. Louis Vuitton also unveiled its first Chinese e-commerce site besides launching Tambour Horizon, its first smartwatch at a price of $2,450.

Best employer in 2018

The launch of Louis Vuitton’s chatbot on Messenger coincides with Facebook being named the best place to work in 2018 by Glassdoor, a job site. The ranking is compiled from reviews submitted to Glassdoor by the employees of various organizations. Since 2013 this Facebook’s first time to rank as the best place work.

“It’s clear employees love working at Facebook. What we really see them appreciate most is the company’s mission-driven culture, transparent leadership and the fact that their work literally impacts the lives of billions of people worldwide,” the chief executive officer of Glassdoor, Robert Hohman, said in a statement.

Tech firms

In the second position was Bain & Co followed by Boston Consulting Group. Non-tech firms which were in the top 10 included In-N-Out Burger, Lululemon, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Some of the tech firms that Facebook outranked included Apple, VMWare, Yahoo, Ultimate Software, World Wide Technology, LinkedIn, HubSpot and Alphabet. Despite being the world’s most profitable company as well as one of the most admired, Apple’s ranking on the list dropped to position 84 from position 36 last year.

According to employees of Facebook, based on the reviews they posted to Glassdoor’s website, some of the factors that made them vote for their employer included a work culture that was open and transparent as well as good work-life balance. Working at Facebook also comes with attractive compensation and perks. All employees receive paid parental leave for a period of four months besides a payment of $4,000 for every childbirth. Facebook also offers pre-school tuition subsidies.