Apple Discloses Details Regarding The Self-Driving Car Research

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)  researchers have been busy on new projects and the most recent development has been the set up of a new way of extending the capabilities of LiDAR sensors. The self-driving cars are expected to have fewer cameras if everything moves according to plan.

These researchers are said to have published their findings on the independent online science journal arXiv late last week. According to them, this software presented them with encouraging results in differentiating between pedestrians using LiDAR and cyclists alone.

This company considers this research to be its first publicly disclosed paper on its work in autonomous driving. The self-driving cars are mounted with LiDAR sensors which measured the time it took for the light to reflect back to the sensor.

Oncel Tuzel and Yin Zhou played a key role in coming up with the paper. The two moved ahead to describe VoxelNet, which happens to be software program they came up with to assist identifying objects using LiDAR exclusively.

The experiments they performed used computer simulations but one thing about the whole matter is the fact that they haven’t yet been road-tested. Apple CEO Tim Cook has moved ahead to term the self-driving cars the “mother of all AI projects.” It is at the same time that the company has taken to lobbying for the federal standard for the autonomous cars that would apply nationwide.

Technological advancements are sweeping across the globe greatly impacting the way things are done. It is a major step forward that it will be easy for the self-driving cars to better spot cyclists and pedestrians using quite few sensors. The VoxelNet approach is a rather unique one and has been helping computers in the detection of the three-dimensional objects with more accuracy yet only a few sensors are used.

Tuzel opined, “Experiments on the KITTI car detection benchmark show that VoxelNet outperforms the state-of-the-art LiDAR based 3D detection methods by a large margin. Furthermore, our network learns an effective discriminative representation of objects with various geometries.”

Not many expected that the company would proceed to disclose the VoxelNet research considering the fact that it has a history of always playing its close products pretty close to the vest.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is with the passage of time merging to become one of the most vibrant companies. That is clear from the devices it has been unleashing lately. The iPhone X has taken the world by storm with its top end features and more is still on the way.

Shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) ended the trading day Tuesday at $173.07, representing a move of -0.59%, or $1.02 per share, on volume of 25.61 million shares