Wipro Joins Hyperledger As Blockchain Technology Uptake Increases

Wipro Limited has disclosed that it is joining Hyperledger with a view to designing and developing blockchain solutions that are open source. Hyperledger is an open-source effort which has been developed in order to advance blockchain technologies across industries and sectors that include information technology, manufacturing, supply chain, Internet of Things, banking and finance.

“We are excited about joining Hyperledger and look forward to working closely with the Hyperledger community to catalyze blockchain adoption for global enterprises. Our customers are increasingly looking at Hyperledger to build enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for specific industry use-cases,” said Wipro Limited’s service transformation vice president, Krishnakumar N Menon.

Hyperledger community

According to Hyperledger’s executive director, Brian Behlendorf, the Hyperledger community would benefit from the blockchain-related consulting and advisory capabilities that Wipro would bring with it. Additionally, the Hyperledger community would gain from Wipro’s solid partner ecosystem and specific use cases.

Across the world customers are turning to Hyperledger seeking to develop blockchain solutions that are enterprise-grade for particular industry use cases. One of the popular blockchain framework implementations is Hyperledger Fabric which serves as a foundation upon which solutions or applications possessing a modular architecture can be developed. The Blockchain Innovation Lab of Wipro has been developing various industry solutions using this framework. These solutions include Loyalty Rewards Management, Trade Finance, Airworthiness Certificate tracking and Tri-party collateral management.

Blockchain solutions

To drive transformation and digital innovations across the enterprise, blockchain has been identified by Wipro as a strategic client theme. The thought-to-finish blockchain solutions that Wipro offers cover consulting and advisory, construction of blockchain networks, blockchain application development and Blockchain Innovation Lab. In this regard Wipro develops an IP portfolio, blockchain frameworks and assets and industry solutions. Additionally Wipro assists clients in incrementally expanding releases and also in experimenting and deploying blockchain technologies’ proof of concepts. Since it was launched two years ago over 100 organizations, startups and companies have joined Hyperledger.

Wipro’s joining of Hyperledger coincides with the Indian IT services provider bagging a seven-year deal with Innogy SE, an energy firm which is based in Europe. Under the contract Wipro will assist the European firm in rationalizing, virtualizing and consolidating its information technology infrastructure. This will see Wipro invest and maintain two data centers that will be located in Germany. In Europe Wipro boasts of 11 delivery centers some of which are located in Zurich, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria and Munich, Franfurt and Hamburg in Germany.