Datum And Oxygen Ink Exclusive Digital Transformation Agreement

Datum and Oxygen, a DXC Technology subsidiary, have entered into an arrangement which will allow the reselling of Information Value Management platform developed by Datum to corporate customers in New Zealand and Australia. According to Stuart Dickinson, an Oxygen director, data readiness and digital transformation have become high priorities for business organizations aiming for business models that are more agile and which are dependent on high-quality data, predictive analytics, data standardization and data transparency.

“This partnership will enable customers to better identify what data is important to them, and enable them to improve processes in finance, customer service, procurement and across other critical business areas,” said Dickinson.

SAP solutions specialist

Per Datum’s senior vice president, Paul Wedeking, Oxygen is a critical partner in order to ensure customer success in the two countries. Currently Oxygen is a leading SAP solutions specialist in both New Zealand and Australia.

The deal between Datum and DXC Technology’s subsidiary, Oxygen, comes at a time when DXC has initiated legal action against former senior executives who include Rob McCabe, the firm’s former general manager. This is with a view to preventing McCabe from joining a competitor, Data#3.

Australia’s Supreme Court of New South Wales has consequently issued orders restraining McCabe from joining Data#3 before next year in March. McCabe has also been prevented from revealing specified information concerning DXC Technology. But a prayer seeking to have an order seeking for the inspection of every device McCabe used before he resigned from DXC issued was not granted.

Talent wars

McCabe announced his resignation three months ago with an intention of leaving this month. Court documents however show that McCabe held a meeting with the chief executive officer of Data#3, Laurence Baynham, later in June where the topic of discussion revolved around the former DXC general manager joining a rival of his then-employer.

During the same meeting McCabe presented a proposal which outlined plans to start a business unit within Data#3 which would directly compete with that of his then-employer. The new business unit would concentrate on infrastructure implementation, design and support. In the same meeting the possibility of poaching key employees from DXC Technology to join the new business unit was also discussed.

Additionally a number of DXC Technology’s clients who could possibly be lured to the new outfit were identified and these clients were mainly DXC’s government customers. McCabe also revealed revenues and projections of his then-employer to a rival.