New Surface Pro price reduced by 7%

The new Surface Pro is the current flagship two-in-one for Microsoft and we haven’t really come across many offers where prices of the new Surface Pro has been reduced, but that changes as we have spotted a 7 per cent discount on the new Surface Pro on Amazon.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro powered by Intel Core i5 complemented by 4GB RAM and featuring 128 GB storage is being sold for just $928 instead of $999. This is a straight 7 per cent discount and possibly a good reason to buy one for yourself if you haven’t got it. None of the other models have been discounted and that’s understandable considering that Surface Pro is new and released earlier this year.

Some of the major things that sets the new Surface Pro apart from its predecessors are:

  1. Lack of cooling vents in case of Core i5 version. The new Surface Pro is more tablet than a laptop and Microsoft has now managed to make even the i5 variant passively cooled.
  2. The new Surface Pen doubles the previous generation’s sensitivity. Latency drops from 45 milliseconds to just 21. The lower latency time, the more natural is a process of drawing. Creators who work with Pen will appreciate this improvement.
  3. The Surface kickstand is improved as well, you can now push it nearly all the way back. Surface Pro can be used at a 10-degree angle which is also a nice bonus.
  4. The new Surface Pro supports Microsoft Surface Dial.

Head on to to find the discounted Surface Pro here.