New full touch screen BlackBerry smartphone to launch in October

A new full touch screen BlackBerry smartphone could be in the making with reports suggesting a that it will most likely be launched in October by TCL.

Engadget has revealed in its report that TCL, the Chinese manufacture which now produces phones under BlackBerry brand name, will be launching a full touch screen with IP67-rated water and dust-proof smartphone in October.

In a statement to the website, TCL’s François Mahieu explained, “TCL will respect BlackBerry’s reputation for building hard-wearing device for clumsy international travellers who will be working in all weather condition.”

According to Mahieu, the durability and longevity will be two of the biggest selling points of the upcoming device.

“Mahieu feels bold enough to claim that he expects a number of iPhone and Galaxy users to “make the switch” to BlackBerry come October, and that the company is “marching towards millions” of device sales, the report added.

Similar to BlackBerry’s last flagship release, the upcoming model is also expected to be Android-powered, or to run on a more secure version of Android that the company is rumoured to announce soon.