Netgear intros two dual band R6080 and R6120 Wi-Fi routers for home

Netgear has launched two new dual-band Wi-Fi routers R6080 and R6120 for home use with speeds up to 700mbps and 900mbps respectively.

Netgear claims that the two new routers provide Wi-Fi access that is 3x faster than routers using 802.11n technology. Further, Netgear genie app, available on both routers, enables users to setup, monitor, share and stream music or videos, diagnose and repair network issues and set up parental controls on the home network from any iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

The two new routers also provide with an extended Wi-Fi range thereby ensuring that you are able to connect to your internal network as well as the Internet no matter where you are in your home.

Another feature of the two routers is reliable connection. The two dual band routers offer two separate Wi-Fi networks – 2.4GHz for legacy devices and 5GHz, which is less interference prone, for media streaming

The routers are easy to setup and doesn’t require deep networking knowledge to get you started. You will be able to easily setup the router, add more devices, monitor, connect and control the home network from any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Security of your connection as well as the router itself are of paramount importance. Both the routers offer high level WPA/WPA2 security and secure connections. Upon detection, guest devices are automatically directed to access a separate Wi-Fi network so they do not have access to the home network or to the shared USB hard drive containing the host’s personal data.

Through the Netgear genie App you can allow or block access to your network using real-time map of connected devices; track your internet usage; find & play media files in your network; and scan QR code to connect to your home network