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How Astronomers Search for Ice Age Aliens

Some astrobiologists think plants on other worlds could have
purple, not green, chlorophyll. FNC/NASA

From FOX News/Space:

Could an alien astronomer have detected life on Earth during an ice age?

Recent work has calculated how past climate extremes affected the light reflected from vegetation out into space. The results could give hope to our own search for life on distant worlds.

From far away, our planet is a single faint speck of light in the sky. Although we have sent radio messages out to potential extraterrestrial listeners, none of these signals have traveled more than a few tens of light years.


How Ancient Greeks Chose Temple Locations

The ancient Greek Temple of Hera in Selinunte, also knowns as “temple E”,
at Castelvetrano, in Sicily, Italy. Image from Wikipedia

From Live Science:

To honor their gods and goddesses, ancient Greeks often poured blood or wine on the ground as offerings. Now a new study suggests that the soil itself might have had a prominent role in Greek worship, strongly influencing which deities were venerated where.

In a survey of eighty-four Greek temples of the Classical period (480 to 338 B.C.), Gregory J. Retallack of the University of Oregon in Eugene studied the local geology, topography, soil, and vegetation — as well as historical accounts by the likes of Herodotus, Homer, and Plato — in an attempt to answer a seemingly simple question: why are the temples where they are?

No clear pattern emerged until he turned to the gods and goddesses. It was then that he discovered a robust link between the soil on which a temple stood and the deity worshiped there.


NFS Undercover Mod File

Need for Speed Undercover mod has been released by modder An7hrax. This high definition texture pack for the NFS Undercover game has enhanced all the in game textures. The game is said to be quite poor when it comes to graphics performance. Almost every texture in the game is said to be of low quality. Actually graphics in the game are highly blurred and someimes performs under low effects. This is the critical thing managed by NFS Undercover high definition texture pack .

By releasing NFS Undercover mod file with high definition textures, modder An7hrax has created very sharp and crispy graphics for the game. Modder has not done anything with the size of the textures so that they remain intact and have only enhanced the graphics performance of the game. Through NFS Undercover mod file for better graphics, all the ground textures, buildings, vessels, vegetation, borders and traffic signs have only been enhanced.

You can download NFS Undercover high definition texture pack from this link. Filefront hosts the download of he NFS Undercover mod file for better graphics performance. You can download and install this file on your PC, but there is a risk associated with this mod file. NFS Undercover high definition texture pack activates d3d9.dll file using online game play and you can be kicked off by Punkbuster for using that file. So it remains solely onto you whether you would like to download NFS Undercover mod file for high definition textures and install it or not.

NFS Undercover Mod file Installation Instrctions:

1. Place all the content to “C:ProgramsEA GamesNeed For Speed Undercover”
2. Open TexMod, click on the folder icon and point to your “nfs.exe”
3. Make sure to run in Package Mode and select the “NFSUC_HD_PATCH.tpf” in your “..*Need For Speed Undercover” folder
4. Run the game using TexMod and hav phun !