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Fujitsu Lifebook Frame – a multi-piece computer

Most of time, we use multiple devices to stay connected with our friends, relatives or our family and have to do work with all. Now Fujitsu has revealed a latest innovative laptop which combines all multiple devices into single tool called Lifebook Frame. Lifebook Frame combines different devices into a more interesting and productive design. […]

Hacker manages to port Android to iPhone

This is not a dream folks. A hacker has actually managed to port Android 1.6 OS on the original iPhone. Now! it can do everything from making calls to browsing the web etc. The hacker who goes by the name of planetbeing has demonstrated the hack in a …

Import/Sync Gravatar to Gmail Contacts with Gravatar Importer

Few days back we had wrote about Google Contacts Outlook Synchronizer which lets you to sync to and from Gmail Contacts with Outlook. Now here is one more synching tool Gravatar Importer which lets you to sync your contacts in the Gmail Contacts addre…

Free iPodME 2.3 download – Free utility that enables you to convert movies

Free iPodME 2.3 download – Free utility that enables you to convert movies for iTunes
Free tool that lets you convert movies to iPod compatible format.

iPod Media Encoder is a free program that helps users to easily convert video to iPod-compatible format, the easy way.

Since I’m bored with the existing converters such as Videora, Xvid4PSP etc, I have this simple and effective Video Converter.

They should be easy to find, and remember that slower also means more quality.

Here is the download link:
Free download iPodME 2.3