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12 videos of ships being launched

The launching of a ship after smashing a bottle of champagne against its bow is an iconic ritual. It is also one of the few things in life which is still impressive despite being relatively slow. Shown here are videos which are interesting because of the ships fame, sheer size or quirkiness of the launch, including those where huge waves drench onlookers. Our favorite is the time lapse submarine launch in a floating dock.

Ship Launch Washes People off Dock in Westerbroek

Icebreaker Side Launch

Ship launch in the famous Gdansk Shipyard, people drenched

Staten Island Ferry Launch 2004


Submarine Launch

ship launch with balloons

UN Akdeniz Launch, Germany

Ship sinks at launch,1907

Launching Cruise Ships

Ship Launches at Harland and Wolff, where the Titanic was built

Giant Ever Salute Launch