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Fake Facebook e-mail contains Trojan

A new variant of the Bredolab Trojan horse is attached to a fake “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” e-mail, security firm MX Labs is reporting. Some users are receiving the e-mail from “The Facebook Team,” according to the security firm. The sende…

Svc.host.exe and what it means to your computer

If you have ever checked your task manager to see what processes your computer is running you have surely come across the name, svchost.exe. The question is is this one of the processes you can remove without turning your computer into an expensive paperweight.

What does Svchost.exe do?

Simply put, this file is used to launch a program. This .exe file is what is used to load a .dll file from Windows.

Now you may be asking, what do your computer have more than one svchost.exe program running?

In your Windows control panel, under the Services section you will see a lot of services required by Windows. If each one was going to use the svchost.exe program, your computer would be susceptible to more failures.

To help with this, the services were separated into similar groups, with each group being controlled by a svchost.exe. For example, one svchost.exe may be in charge of running all services related to the internet.

If the number of svchost.exe are slowing down or weighing heavily on your CPU usage, you can remove any unneeded services on your computer. This can be done by entering your Control Panel and either disabling or stopping the service.

You do not want to remove an svchost.eexe files until you are sure what services are connected to the program. To determine what is being control by a specific svchost.exe program, you can a utility, Process Explorer if you are running Windows Vista or XP.