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BT removes dial-up internet service

British Telecom, one of the biggest telephone and internet service providers in the UK, have taken the step of removing its dial-up service, with the reasoning that only a “tiny number” of its customers use that specific service. can i buy cigars online As broadband becomes increasingly popular, very few services now offer dial-up internet, […]

Google to start selling Ebooks this Summer

Look who has decided to join the intensely competitive e-b00k business. It is none other than yours,mine and everyone’s favorite search engine Google. A Google spokesperson has revealed that the Californians will start selling e-books from late June…

Fake Facebook e-mail contains Trojan

A new variant of the Bredolab Trojan horse is attached to a fake “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” e-mail, security firm MX Labs is reporting. Some users are receiving the e-mail from “The Facebook Team,” according to the security firm. The sende…