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Anti Phishing Software

In terms of computer and Internet security phishing is the criminally deceitful process of attempting to get sensitive or secret information like user names, passwords credit card details or any or all of your personal information. Phishing is generally done through e-mails or instant messaging. One believes that it has come from popular networking sites, […]

U.S. anti phishing law

Phishing is a form of trick or treachery used by the hackers to derive personal and financial information from the users over the internet or telephone. This information could be used for robbing the users of their property or money by unauthorized and illegal transactions in the users’ name. The phishing sites generally send spasm […]

Efforts to prevent phishing

Online phishing is an online sinister activity. The same is also a criminal and punishable offence. In the united stated an Anti Phishing act was introduced in 2005. The act would have provisions for the Federal prosecutors to be fined up to $250,000. It would also have provisions for imprisonment of the accused up to […]