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Wrestling now: Samsung Galaxy Note II and LG Optimus G Pro

The smartphones which are really offering you the best technology that you can endeavour is lot less than what you can expect in case of Samsung. There are some of the features which are offering maxim amount of perfection. It is being seen that the productivity tool is being given with lots of ideas which […]

LG Google Nexus 4 vs HTC Desire 600

reading glasses online Jelly Bean is now creating fudge like environment. In every way it was stated as one of the primary concept that has shown a great development in the world of functional android. HTC just a day back had announced a dual SIM based Desire 600 smartphone in India which is now available […]

5 Million Indian users in 3 weeks using Free calling and messaging app LINE

top essay writers They also announced that the app has exceeded 200 million users worldwide. Free calling and messaging app, LINE, announced that registered user numbers for the app have reached the reached the 5 million mark in India. They also announced that the app has exceeded 200 million users worldwide. The milestone was achieved […]

P51 Smartphone

Almost all major global electronic brands have launched their mobiles/ Smartphones in India. The latest entrant is Panasonic. Panasonic enters the Indian mobile market with the P51 Smartphone. The phone comes with a stylus which is getting uncommon these days but the device is quite responsive to touch. Appearance wise the P51 has a close […]

Xolo Smartphones

get your ex back In the budget Smartphone segment, on brand has sop far given consistent impressive performance- Xolo. If you are looking for a Smartphone under Rs. 10,000 with good features and performance, then the new Xolo Q700 is worth a try. The Q700 is positioned as a successor to the Q800. The operating […]

Gartner warns, tablets and smartphones threatened by Microsoft

The research group Gartner warned about the shrinking PC market that the tablets and the smartphones will face an irrelevant update can be faced by Microsoft. In this case all the activities are being shared in a way to make it perfected with the underway disruptive shift with a huge wave. It is coming to […]

Benefits Of Discount Coupons in Online Data Recovery And Antivirus Apps

What Are Discount Coupon Codes? Writing this, I am thinking of those people who are yet unfamiliar with the importance of coupons. Some do not even pay any attention in these coupons when making purchases from any website. Now you may think once what is the link between the online shopping and coupons? Here I […]

Which Blackberry phones are the most popular?

If you are considering an upgrade or alternatively, you are a consumer who wishes to buy a new mobile phone outright, then knowing which phones are the most popular is a must.   There are a wide range of mobile phones on the market today, some are so advanced they have even been given the […]

Green gadgets generate green power

From hybrid vehicles to eco-friendly household appliances, the green focus is something you can’t help but ignore in the modern world. Yet, whilst many of our services and gadgets now operate on less energy, the source of our power largely remains the same – except for green power generating gadgets of course! Showcased at the […]

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Those who are the lovers of the mobile, for them Samsung pioneered the trend of a new breed of devices, more commonly known as “ phablets”  smartphones that are almost tablets in size. But the most alluring factor is that the launching of the Galaxy Grand Duos by Samsung and its market price is Rs […]