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Posts Tagged ‘Power Supply’

GlacialTech launched its M-Flit Series Cooling Pad for Laptops

GlacialTech is a leading manufacturer of power supply, PC enclosure solution's and cooling solution provider. They above mentioned things provided by the company are both efficient and cost effective. The company had launched its coooling pad to provide assistance in bringing down the load of the in built system fans. The company had named the […]

Canova dual-screen LCD laptop

The thought of a dual touch screen laptop was exciting, and the pictures of a touch keyboard in the laptop wonders if it would create a whole new way of computing. V12 Design, an Italian industrial design agency, developed a similar concept before 4 years. Valerio Committee, the founder and managing director of the firm, […]

NextComputing releases new battery-powered portable workstation

NextComputing, a leading provider of portable workstations announced to introduce its Radius series of mobile computer known as the Radius EX-B. The company claims that the new Radius EX-B mobile computer runs for over two hours on battery. The Radius EX-B mobile computer from NextComputing is based on company’s Radius EX all-in-one portable workstation that […]

FireText Smoke Alarm will automatically text up to four phones in an emergency:

Just think a minute, how will you find there is a chance of fire in your home. Correct, you will use your nose to find the fire. But if you are sleeping means it is really difficult to face that problem. Here is the FireText Smoke Alarm to face those problems. The FireText Smoke Alarm […]

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 5021 Desktop

CyberpowerPC Company announced to unveil its new gaming desktop computer known as the Gamer Ultra 5021 Desktop. The CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 5021 Desktop is now available for pre-order and you can easily get it by paying only $829. The weight of the CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 5021 Desktop is just 25 pounds and has dimensions of […]

Intelligent Use Of The Earth's Heat

From E! Science News:

Geothermal energy is increasingly contributing to the power supply world wide. Iceland is world-leader in expanding development of geothermal utilization: in recent years the annual power supply here doubled to more than 500 MW alone in the supply of electricity. And also in Germany, a dynamic development is to be seen: over 100 MW of heat are currently being provided through geothermal energy. Alone in the region of Travale, in the pioneering country Italy, a team of european scientists have localizied geothermal reservoirs, holding a potential comparable to the effectiveness of 1.000 wind power plants. This is one of the results presented at the international final conference of the project „I-GET” (Integrated Geophysical Exploration Technologies for deep fractured geothermal systems) in Potsdam. The aim of this European Union project, in which seven european nations participated, was the development of cutting-edge geophysical methods with which potential geothermal reservoirs can be safely explored and directly tapped.


Building a New Computer – Introduction

Well the time has come for me to retire my Frankenstein computer and start with an updated model. Building a new computer is something new for me and something I would have not considered a few years ago. But after spending the past two years replacing the power supply, adding a new graphics card and upgrading memory, my fears of working with apparent fragile technology pieces have been conquered.

Over the next few months I will chronicle my quest of building a new computer. From decided which parts to use for the new machine and what issues I come across the way. The first post in this series will be submitted by this weekend. If any one out there does have experience with creating a computer from bare parts, feel free to offer any suggestions or problem you came across.