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Logitech unveils wireless keyboard K270 in India

The computer peripherals provider Logitech has released a new wireless keyboard for Indian market called the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270. The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270 comes with sleek design which is cool for comfortable typing. It has full-size keys, num pad and a wide, curved space. The keyboard also offers 8 hot keys for instant […]

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Phone, White (T-Mobile)

Media Keys: Play/Pause/Mute, Back, Forward
Security: Password protection, keyboard lock, sleep mode
3.5mm headphone jack
Ringtones: MP3 and 32-chord polyphonic
Bluetooth version 2.0 with the following profiles: A2DP (stereo music streamin…

35 Smart Logos With Second Thought To Make You look Twice

1. Texas association of stolen children

Designed by Sibley/Peteet design

This one is my favorites logos and it is unforgettable! White playhorse which everybody knows and can recognize with black colored outline of child on the horse and black background which makes an illusion that child had disappeared. Amazing, what designers can create just from shapes and two basic colors!!!

2. Avid Technology

Designed by The Brand Union

Avid’s logo is composed of simple geometric shapes derived from the fundamental buttons of the digital audio and video solutions: volume up, volume down, play, pause, record and forward, signaling of the companies core audio and video offerings. Company’s name is spelled out in distinctive and abstract letterforms.

3.Bison, Vancouver

Designed by Seamoose

Logo design for rock band from Vancouver B.C. This logo is very intelligent solution in my opinion.All what designer did was take all the letters of the word BISON and make them look like a bison body. I like the way how the body details are found within the letters, as tail or horn. The version linked seems like a much easier execution.

4. Eight

Designed by Stylo Design

Really original and fresh logo design with variations of an 8 to made word eight. Even the placing of TM is placed in the right place to create an angle and clarity of the design.

5. One Degree

Designed by Landor Associates

This logo was created to drive public action on climate change. If everyone could change their behavior by just one degree, we could change the future of the planet. Both – number 1 and symbol of degree represents a person and meaning of conception.

6. Lets fix this

Designed by dache

This logo was created using different colored puzzle pieces locking together in the shape of a cross and represents how many parties can come together and fix their own problems in an online resource.

7. DJ Loop

Designed by mavleeb

Don’t need any explanation .Simple, smart and clear.

8. Friedman psychology group

Designed by Mugar Mihai

Butterfly, two faces, person with wings or maybe inkpot? Freedom of mind. Fantastic and awesome representation of the field it was designed for.

9. Guild of Food Writers

Designed by 300million

Logo for guild of food writers. Spoon within a true nibbled fountain pen. There is a meaning!

10. CSCN

Designed by Jovan Rocanov

The idea of this logo, which is designed for Consumer Society and Citizen Networks, of course was to show the protection of the consumers. There is combined a well-known symbol of the market such as the bar code (which graphically looks like the rain) with an ordinary umbrella (symbol of protection).

11. Push The Bottle

Designed by hemisferiod

Manipulation of the words within the clever graph representation.

12. Invisible Agents

Designed by AlexWende

They provide custom data driven web and application solutions and enables designers to incorporating their graphics into this solutions.

13. Piano Forest

Designed by JasonCho

You can see forest and piano keys and can see them together…So clever and clear!!!

14. Wiesinger Music

Designed by NEXQ

This logo is the sort of simple excellence that can inspire. Great monogram. Smart solutions.

15. Logotomy

Designed by logotomy

Logo design for personal name. It speaks by itself and the opened forehead is what draws you into the surprise of a TM…

16. Tidy Tom’s

Designed by ohTwentyone

Great, captivating and very well balanced illustration! Quick recognition, and the strong horizontal and vertical orientation representing stability, integrity and spells out companies name.

17. Fold It

Designed by TKhoury

Can You Fold it? Do You see the integration of the F and I? Looks really slick and nice, great concept!

18. Frogami

Designed by chungdha

Origami frog and the word derived from origami and frog. Clever!

19. Shocked

Designed by Fogra

Powerful! Nice interpretation about socket and shock!

20. Foot

Designed by Houston-we

Foot with foot in the right direction. Surprisingly easy to be read!

21. Stephenson, M.D. Foot

Designed by WetDog

Logo for orthopedic surgeon specializing in feet.Nice mark – perfect and friendly for the name.

22. I Hate You

Designed by Sir-SiriX

Clever and well made logo, true power of typography. Playing with words we can reach stunning results, such I Hate You!

23. Horror Films

Designed by Siah Design

So simple logo but such great concept behind it. Could be a film reel, could be a mask. Fantastic!

24. Mill

Designed by North Design

The Mill is a post-production and visual effects company in the UK.! If the logo was seen only on its own it would not have the strength. Mill logo is hard to forget because of connection to The Mill – so strong and simple it is.

25. Antisocial network

Designed by mister jones

Logo for an anti-social network site, could not fit better. Don’t need any explanation, I think!

26. Summit

Designed by cerise

Logo for adventure wear brand.

I get associations with army wear, but concept is pretty good!

27. Uck

Designed by Karl-Design

Logotype Against Nazism and Racism. It is a bit provocative and says a lot really, but the logo is awesome!

28. Business-secret

Designed by Harshak Dmitry

Keyhole within a B. Unlock a secret of business! Nice and clever!

29. Shoeless

Designed by VikkiV

Excellent concept. Barefoot awoke an emotion to run to the beach.

30. Haggar Spring logo

Designed by Sibley Peteet Design

Made for spring line clothing collection. Fresh, nice and powerful!

31. Kite String Studio

Designed by eziemac

In origami style. Could see KS immediately. Great conception, nice look and smart!

32. Cafe Melody

Designed by Jure Klaric

Clean graphics displayed in this logo.full of mean, simple illustration… Nice coloring and typography, brilliant concept.

33. Sleep Records

Designed by Nima Jazireh

Very meaningful logo with great concept.

34. Round 5

Designed by junian Round 5, letters make up an icon.

I like the way how the fingers are found within a letters. Clever solution.

35. LocKey

Designed by Logomotive

A combination of the word Loc and Key. Smart logo.

10 Creative Rubik's Cubes

Blind Man Rubik’s Cube 

This is a new twist on an old game. Why make a new version of a game when few people can master the original anyway? Regardless, this cube features six different materials that all have a very unique texture: metal, wood, textile, stone, rubber and plastic. It can be done like a regular style Rubik’s cube or if you really have the guts you can bust out the blindfold and really test your skills. 

Rubik’s Cube Mp3 Player

This cool idea belongs to designer Hee Yong. The only way to activate the mp3 player on is similar to playing with the Rubik`s cube puzzle, by solving each layer has a specific function such as play, pause, forward or back. And of course the only way to turn it off is by completing it. Users can now listen to the music while having fun. 

Pentamix, the world’s hardest Rubik’s cube

For those who think traditional Rubik’s Cube is pretty easy, they should have a look at this Rubik’s Cube. There are 975 individual parts not including the 1,212 stickers that each had to be placed by hand. In order to create this crazy toy, designer Jason Smith took about 75 hours of work. Now imagine how long does it take to solve it. 

 Pantone Rubik’s Cube

If pouring over color swatches at Home Depot leaves you overwhelmed, the Rubitone could make the process easier by helping to assess your options in a form that nerds can understand. Unlike a traditional Rubik’s cube, the object here is not to solve it, but to match colors that might look good in a bedroom or living space. 


For Rubik’s Cube or Sudoku fans, here is a really hard puzzle novelty: Sudokube. Sudoku Cube is an extremely challenging puzzle that combines the 3-dimensional spatial relations of a Rubik’s Cube and the mathematical algorithms of Sudoku. And if you happen to be a fan of both, then the Sudokube will be like a dream come true. 

LED Rubik’s Cube 

In this modern version of the old game, the entire digital shebang is crammed with colour-changing LEDs, so instead of manually twisting segments you press buttons to move the colours in the desired direction. Genius. But wait, there’s more: the Magic Cube contains other games, including Landmine (six players take it in turn to push a button until they hit a ‘landmine’), Noughts and Crosses and a Simon-style follow-my-leader challenge. 

Rubik’s Ball

Despite a few exceptions, a Rubik’s Cube is just that, a six colored cube. What if you were to take the Rubik’s Cube, and mold it into the shape of a ball. You’d have something that looks eerily similar to the 3D IQ Sphere. The 70 mm diameter of the IQ Sphere serves as both a brain activity and a sweet piece of nerd decoration for your desk, not to mention, it’s probably the only Rubik’s themed puzzle which you can throw a curve ball with. 

Rubik’s Cube 2.0

Without colors on any side, the only leeway you get is from the varying sizes and even that will probably throw you off track. On top of that, to create even more frustration, the surrounding sides of each individual block have reflective mirrors on its surface. 

Irregular Rubik’s Cube

The Irregular IQ Cube is a break-through of the traditional IQ game! If you are still struggling with the traditional Rubik, maybe you could change to this new brain training cube. See if you can make it from a 3D irregular geometric item to be a regular 3D square cube. 

Pyraminx Rubik’s Cube 

The Pyraminx is a puzzle in the shape of a tetrahedron, divided into 4 axial pieces, 6 edge pieces, and 4 trivial tips. It can be twisted along its cuts to permute its pieces. The axial pieces are octahedral in shape, although this is not immediately obvious, and can only rotate around the axis they are attached to. The 6 edge pieces can be freely permuted. The trivial tips are so called because they can be twisted independently of all other pieces, making them trivial to place in solved position.

The purpose of the Pyraminx is to scramble the colors, and later to restore them to their original configuration.