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OnLive Game Service pops up with new Wi Fi feature

OnLive Game Service comes out with new feature of Wi Fi technology the feature is called Wi Fi beta. Now Wi Fi is available without any big installations or any new hardware . Previously OnLive use to provide gaming service, but only with wired technology. Now even with drop out if you go out of […]

Mytheon – Free to Play MMOG

Yesterday, one new MMOG has been announced which is free to play and that will give you immense fun when you start playing it. Mytheon is a newly announced MMOG which will be free to play after it gets released in Fall 2009. The release date of Mytheon, free to play MMOG, is said to be after June, 2009 which means it will be released in the fall of 2009.

Mytheon will be developed by Petroglyph, similar guys who developed games like Star Wars: Universe at War and Universe at War: Earth Assault. Hints about this free to play multiplayer online game first came when Petroglyph give a job advertisement for the vaccancy of a game designer. But by that time it wasn’t sure when this free to play MMOG will be releasing. but now it is cent percent confirmed that Petroglyph will be releasing Mytheon, free to play, non subscription based massive multiplayer online game by fall 2009.

Mytheon will be based on Greek mythology, similar to God of War. There will be real time combat featured in the Mytheon, free to play multiplayer game. This game will uniquely combined action, strategy and role playing game elements to deliver the best in online games. This free Mytheon game will focus on power stones, the cental element of the game for which three classes in the Mytheon will be combating. This free to play MMORPG will be distributed area specifically.

Dragon Ball Origins Demo – Download to Play

Dragon Ball Origins demo is avialable for download now on Nintendo channel for Europe as well. The demo had already hit North American and Japanese versions and for Europe, Dragon Ball Origins demo has just released. You can download Dragon Ball Origins demo for your Nintendo DS from Nintendo Channel directly.

This is a platform based 3D role playing game developed exclusively for Nintendo DS. The gameplay is similar to Legend of Zelda but is said to be quite better in graphics and textures when compared with Legend of Zelda. Dragon Ball Origins demo for Europe which has just been made available on Nintendo channel contains just an introduction to battles and controls. The US demo which was released quite earlier is just an advertisement which lets player chase and fight chi-chi which at the end goes up for buying the copy of the game itself.

The game is already released in Japan and North America and is now all set for release in Europe and Australia. European release will be on December 5 while Australian version will be releasing on December 16. For now, you just download the Dragon Ball Origins demo and start playing it on your DS. To get more fun, simply buy its full version. If you play Dragon Ball Origins demo then you will definitely buy the full version because it is so much fun to play the game. So download Dragon Ball Origins demo now and play it now.