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Cool Glass Sculptures of Deadly Bacteria and Viruses

Artist Luke Jerram has created some of the world’s most deadly viruses and bacteria in glass

Jerram has intricately rendered some of the most deadly diseases such as Smallpox, known for causing the loss of more human lives than any other disease in human history…

…Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, more widely known as SARS…

…Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)…

…and E-coli

These unique translucent glass artworks were designed with the help of leading virologists and scientific photographs

Jerram forged his glass bacteria and viruses to challenge the general perceptions of what they look like

Bacteria and viruses are usually represented in the media in bright colours, but are actually transparent

Working with a team of glassblowers Jerram created each virus and bacterium in its ‘natural’, colourless state

A close look at the complexity of the ovoid H1N1 Swine Flu sculpture