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Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 at Computex 2011

At Computex 2011, Microsoft presented its next version of the Windows, internally called as Windows 8 and this is to be expected that it will come out around 2012. The company claims that the Windows 8 is compatible with both x86 and ARM platform. Microsoft demonstrated that the Windows 8 Operating System is the best […]

New Windows Phone 7 OS Tablet Concept Photos

The trend of porting a mobile OS to a tablet isn’t a new one at all. After all, mobile OS are much finger-friendly than the full featured OS that we mainly use on our laptops and desktops. Here, designer Umang Dokey has taken inspiration from the same…

Windows 7: Better Late Than Never

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

From CBS News:

Larry Magid Says Windows 7 Is What Vista Should Have Been

(CBS) I don’t know why it took so long, but Microsoft has finally fixed Vista. Only it isn’t calling it Vista. Instead the company is working on what it’s calling a new version of Windows — Windows 7. The operating system isn’t commercially available but is likely to be out by the end of the year.

I don’t know how much Microsoft plans to charge for the upgrade once it’s officially available, but they should give it away free to anyone who bought Vista or a PC with Vista preinstalled. Even though there are some new features, Windows 7 strikes me mostly as a bug fix. It speeds up Windows and fixes one of its most annoying “features” and makes one particularly useful change to the user interface. It seems to me that anyone who paid for Vista is entitled to this upgrade.


Five reasons not to run Windows 7 Beta

The self-described “hardcore Mac guy”, Sam Diaz, on his blog at ZDNet, where five reasons not to install the new Windows 7 Beta, and immediately have raised a small tsunami of angry comments. Right now the article has been minus 233 combined with a total of 339 votes cast, and there are 200 comments on the … most contradictory blogger.

Mr Diaz ‘five reasons were:

1. It would be difficult to obtain a copy

2. Windows 7 Beta 1 will expire August 2009

3. You can lose data

4. Driver problems with old hardware

5. When the beta expires, there is no guarantee when the full version can be purchased, leaving your Windows 7 Beta partition in limbo.

You can then judge yourself to see if Sam Diaz ‘reasons are solid enough to dissuade you from trying out Windows 7 Beta.