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Preview of Mac OS update: Apple

As Google uses Android as its OS, Apple uses this Mac as its OS (Operating System). On Thursday Apple called on for a preview in regards with the update of the Mac OS. “Mountain Lion” is also used so as to they would be able to copy many features and apps (applications) from iPhone and […]

OnLive Game Service pops up with new Wi Fi feature

OnLive Game Service comes out with new feature of Wi Fi technology the feature is called Wi Fi beta. Now Wi Fi is available without any big installations or any new hardware . Previously OnLive use to provide gaming service, but only with wired technology. Now even with drop out if you go out of […]

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Phone, Frost (T-Mobile)

Size – for someone who would like a smartphone that is small and is willing to trade a full keyboard for it, the size is really nice
Call Quality – Voices were loud and clear
Build Quality – the phone was quite solid, though the complaint o…