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Free Web Based SMS Text Messaging Service

Which is the best web based sms service? Where to send free sms text messaging via online? Found this free SMS service known as mjoy, am a little bit skeptic about the so called ‘Free’ SMS service. To use the free service, you need to enter your ph…

Send And Receive SMS Text Message From Computer or Web To Mobile Cell Phone

How to send sms from web page? Which is the best web based sms messaging? How to send sms from web to phone? Where to find free web to mobile sms service and gateway? I found another two great free sms web service online. Send And Receive SMS With txtD…

New .tel Domain Names Set To Create The World's Virtual Phone Book

From The Independent:

Millions of new internet addresses are put up for sale today, giving the public the chance to insert their entry into the world’s largest phone book.

The new “.tel” domain names go up for grabs this afternoon. Unlike other website addresses, however, they are not meant to act as catchy names for websites but rather to become people’s individual entries in a universal virtual directory.

Companies and individuals are being encouraged to list their phone numbers, websites, postal addresses, e-mail addresses and even their Facebook details in their .tel entry.

“.tel is your place on the internet, which will act like a switchboard.” said Kash Mahdavi, the chief executive of Telnic, the London-based company that runs the .tel registry. “You can say, ‘Here are my Facebook details, here is my mobile number, and people will always be able to find you’.”