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Samsung N100 Ultra Portable Laptop

Samsung had launched its all new netbook series in our country. Samsung N100 Ultra Portable Laptop is based on a dual core atom processor from Intel, Its weight is just 1.03 Kg and company says its ultra portable device with computational capability & also internet connectivity on the go like never before. Samsung Mobile & […]

Samsung R439 Laptop:

Samsung R439 laptop is one of best product revealed by the Samsung Company which is the biggest electronics making company. This laptop gives good look and very compact. It is very useful for the business people. The specifications and features of Samsung R439 are listed below. 1.    Samsung R439 laptop is equipped with Intel Core […]

Boeing 747-8 performs ultimate rejected takeoff

In April, a fully-loaded 747-8 Freighter with worn-out brakes attempted an aborted takeoff on a California runway. The rejected takeoff or maximum brake energy test is one of the most dramatic for a new airplane.Imagine you’re driving at the maximum sp…

Satellites Spy On Washington From On High [Slide Show]

OBAMA’S NEW ADDRESS: From its orbit 423 miles (681 kilometers) above Earth, the GeoEye 1 looks down on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The satellite, launched September 6, can capture natural and man-made features to within nine feet (three meters) of their actual location on Earth’s surface.

From Scientific American:

A satellite imaging company provides clear new pix of features on Earth’s surface as India mulls the role played by such imagery in the deadly Mumbai attacks

Washington, D.C., home of the CIA, National Security Administration (NSA) and FBI, is a well-known haven for spies and surveillance. But new satellite pictures of the White House, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial show these government agencies aren’t the only ones watching and being watched.

These latest images from Dulles, Va., satellite-imaging company, GeoEye, are among the first to be collected by the GeoEye 1, a satellite launched into polar orbit on September 6 that can “see” objects on Earth as small as 16 inches (0.41 meter) in size in black-and-white mode or 64.6 inches (1.64 meters) in color. Images from the GeoEye 1, which stands 20 feet (6.1 meters) high and weighs more than 4,300 pounds (1,950 kilograms), so impressed Google that the Internet search giant plans to add the satellite’s high-resolution, digital color photos to Google Earth next month.


Acer thinks to launch netbook with 10.2-inch screen

Acer, the world’s third largest PC vendor, is planning to launch a netbook next year with a 10.2-inch screen, the largest netbook screen from Acer so far, a company representative confirmed.

The Taiwanese company’s Aspire One netbook has been a hit this year. Launched at mid-year, the device now has Asustek Computer’s popular Eee PC in its sights. Acer has forecast shipments of 6 million Aspire One’s this year, against estimates of 5 million from Asustek for its Eee PCs.

The Aspire One out now has an 8.9-inch screen, but most companies are putting out netbooks with 10.2-inch screens now. The slightly larger screen sizes are more popular with people who like to view Web pages without scrolling left and right to see the entire page.Asustek, which has offered a 7-inch screen on its Eee PCs, has said it does not plan to offer the small screen size in the future because people don’t seem to like it as much.

Netbooks are mini-laptop PCs designed for mobility, typically sporting 7-inch to 10-inch screens and weighing less than 2 kilograms. Most netbook components, including the microprocessor, are less powerful than those of full-fledged laptops so batteries last longer. Netbooks are designed for dealing with e-mail, browsing the Internet and working on word processor or spreadsheet documents, not for heavy-duty gaming, video editing or other multimedia work.

Reports also indicate that Acer plans to launch a rival to Asustek’s Eee Top, which is a low-cost competitor to Apple’s iMac, a display with computing functions built-in.