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Pogo Sketch Plus stylus for touch screen devices

The digital world has several accessories that are not strictly necessary but Ten One Design has released the latest stylus called the Pogo Sketch Plus for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The slim Pogo Sketch Plus stylus is an improved variant of the original Pogo Sketch stylus that replaces the finger with something a bit […]

New Solar-powered Bikini can charge iPod

If you are fed up of your iPod or iPhone is running out of power, when you are lounging on the beach in a swim-suit (bikini) then now there is good news for the lady swimmers who also like the fancy gadgets with them on beach. A new solar powered bikini has been created by […]

Android Coming for HTC HD2!

Android is available on many smartphones and we have even seen it running on smartphones on which it cannot be installed, e.g. the iPhone. And now thanks to some developers, we have a news that its coming very soon for HTC HD2 as well which is quite ex…

On a mobile? You're a walking accident

Research has confirmed what many of us suspect – walking while talking on a mobile phone increases your chances of having an accident.

Those who cross the road while chatting on a phone raise their chance of being hit by a car by 15 per cent, research reveals.

Older people are particularly at risk because their multi-tasking skills decline with increasing age, the researchers said.

Those who cross the road while chatting on a phone raise their chance of being hit by a car by 15 per cent, research reveals

In two studies volunteers were asked to cross a ‘virtual’ street while either talking on a hands-free phone, listening to music on an iPod or doing neither.

In the first study, 45 college students aged 28 and under who were using phones took 25 per cent longer to cross the same street under the same conditions than those listening to an iPod or doing neither. They were also more likely to be run over.

In the second study healthy adults aged between 60 and 80 were given the same tasks.

The differences between those on and off the phone were even more striking in the older group, said Art Kramer, professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, who led the research.

‘Older adults on the phone got run over about 15 per cent more often than those not on the phone,’ said Prof Kramer.

‘When you are multi-tasking, neither task gets done as well as the brain is, to an extent, overloaded.

‘The problem with talking on the phone is ensuring that prioritisation is given to the task that stops you getting run over – watching where you are going.

‘Sometimes the brain doesn’t manage it’ he added.

Last month U.S. researchers found three out of four men and women making calls on a mobile phone failed to notice a clown riding past them on his unicycle.

Free iPodME 2.3 download – Free utility that enables you to convert movies

Free iPodME 2.3 download – Free utility that enables you to convert movies for iTunes
Free tool that lets you convert movies to iPod compatible format.

iPod Media Encoder is a free program that helps users to easily convert video to iPod-compatible format, the easy way.

Since I’m bored with the existing converters such as Videora, Xvid4PSP etc, I have this simple and effective Video Converter.

They should be easy to find, and remember that slower also means more quality.

Here is the download link:
Free download iPodME 2.3

Free Multimedia IPOD tools: manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone download

Free Multimedia IPOD tools: manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone download.

Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone (any model supporting iTunes) under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Floola can be easily made directly from the iPod and requires no installation.

Take a look at the function Floola list to find out what it can do and like to suggest something was missing.

Here is the download link:
Free download Floola

Anticipation @ Apple: iTouch takes the digital connect further

Digital content has been available for years, but the right vehicle to consume the content has been lacking. Will Apple bridge this gap with the iTouch (iTablet in a first few posts)

In March, Reuters reported that Apple had ordered a substantial batch of 10 inch touch-screens from Taiwan to be delivered in Q3 of 2009. In April, the Wall Street Journal reported that Steve Jobs was actively involved in the development of the Tablet. In July, the China Times reported that Apple will debut their new product in October for $800 after agreeing to production deals with Foxconn, Wintek, and Dynapack. TheStreet.com is reporting that Apple will release a subsidized Tablet through Verizon. In the July earnings call, Apple management went out of their way to trash the netbook space but they refused to deny the coming Tablet, saying they will only release products that are ‘innovative and that they are proud of’. These are all reputable sources that seem to unveil the secrecy surrounding the pending product. Will the tablet have a substantial impact on Apple’s core business? This device is taking its place at the high end of the iPod family; it will be a larger version of the iPod Touch. This product won’t fall quietly into place however. The iTouch Tablet launch is primed to be the most significant in the history of Apple.

1) Apple Finally has an App Machine. Steve Jobs has mentioned that he has never seen anything like success of the App Store in his career. If he is saying that, then I’m saying that this 9.7 inch iTouch that has been designed to optimally utilize the apps will become the flagship Apple product. We are witnessing a transition in the way the Internet is used. Mobile content requires a tailor made user experience that is not efficiently delivered by the traditional website model. Although we have grown accustomed to navigating the Web by browsing websites on our PC, consumers are showing an affinity for the App Store model. Mobile Apps are designed for usability and the 1.5 billion downloads thus far from Apple’s App Store clearly demonstrate a user experience in high demand. The trend is in place that shows consumers will desire an app rather than visit a website. Perhaps we will one day see that apps are more popular than actual websites. The unspoken secret about the iPhone is that it wasn’t designed to become the ultimate App Store device. The screen is too small. The order of operations for the iPhone are phone first, iPod second, Apps third, and Internet browser fourth. This new iTouch is principally designed to take advantage of the App Store gaming, books, news, entertainment, social networking, etc…

2) Mobile High Speed Connectivity. Until now, a truly portable Internet device hasn’t been possible because of the scarce network availability. Verizon’s new Mi-Fi technology appears to be changing the landscape as it enables a Wi-Fi connection anytime and anywhere. It’s looking like this iTouch will mark the beginning of a relationship between Verizon and Apple. The anytime and anywhere connection will allow this product to serve as an up to the moment e-reader. By next year, we will all be wondering how the newspaper industry survived as long as it did with its outdated paper delivery model. The iTouch will replace newspapers, magazines, and books. Imagine a college student not having to lug around his $600 worth of textbooks each semester. Imagine not having to load up on magazines at the airport. The digitization of education and media has arrived. This is the first device that caters to digital readers on the go. Amazon’s Kindle was such a poor attempt that it’s not even worth analyzing. Same goes for the netbook fad.

3) Free Communication. Why do I think the iTouch will be more significant than the iPhone? Because the trend of communication technology is being routed away from wireless cellphone carriers and towards the Internet. Through the use of Skype you can make phone calls over an Internet connection and through the use of Apple’s iChat you can communicate by video for free. There are no overage charges, there are no hidden fees, you just pay for your Internet connection and communicate at will. The rumors are swirling that the next generation iTouch will include a camera and a microphone thereby making this capability a reality for Apple customers.

4) No Carrier Exclusivity. There is no doubt that iPhone sales have suffered because of the exclusivity agreement between Apple and its carriers. In the United States there are millions of Verizon and Sprint customers who would love to have the iPhone but don’t want to switch to AT&T . It appears that the iTouch will be openly available. All those people who wanted an iPhone but couldn’t make the carrier switch will flock to the iTouch Tablet. Apple will struggle to produce enough of these to meet the demand.

Being a member of the iPod family means that this new iTouch will be announced at the typical iPod refresh event during the first full week of September. The euphoria of Steve Jobs being back on stage introducing a revolutionary new product will cause the stock to surge ahead of the unveiling. Seeing adults stand in line while wearing their pajamas in the early morning hours to purchase the first iTouch Tablet will cause the stock to react again in October. The conclusion is simple. Apple owns the tech revolution. The rise of the dot-coms got out of control at the beginning of the decade for all the right reasons but the infrastructure wasn’t ready to justify the digital transition. Now that the infrastructure is ready, society will embrace the iTouch Tablet in a way that might even surprise the visionary himself.


Apple: What Next?

Apple’s Q3 results have been very good! The thought is that this is Apple’s brightest hour and having hit the peak, there is no way but a gradual slide down. However there is more in the communication from Apple on how they let their own products cannibalize themselves and how they are innovating the future! Apple COO stops short of naming iTablet as the next from Apple Stable

Ref: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124820913514969595.html; http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124821056118269783.html; http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2009/07/21/live-blogging-apple-earnings-2/

Apple has been heaped with praises for its non-conformist strategy and super-hit portfolio of products which have upstaged the industry incumbents. The Q3 results declared this week have been Apple’s moment in history! Third-quarter sales rose to $8.34 billion, up from $7.46 billion a year ago, due in part to strong sales of the iPhone. Net income rose to $1.23 billion, up from $1.07 billion. Apple’s growth of 4% with IDC forecasting negative 3 percent and Gartner forecasting a negative 5 percent, puts them 7-9 points ahead of the market.

  1. Response to the new iPhone 3GS has been tremendous with over 1 million sold by the third day after its June 19th launch. Apple goes on record saying that they are currently unable to make enough iPhone 3GSs to meet demand and are working to address that.
  2. Apple registered outstanding sales of 2.6 million Macs setting a new June quarter record and nearly meeting the all time quarterly record.
  3. Apple sold 10.2 million iPods which was down from 11 million in the year ago quarter. There were two key reasons for this decline: First, we reduced channel inventory by over 400,000. Second, sales declined by 4% year-over-year.
  4. The iTunes store delivered another great quarter fueled by strong sales of music, video and apps.
  5. Apple retail stores hosted 38.6 million visitors during the quarter compared to 31.7 million visitors in the year-ago quarter –an increase of 22%.
  6. Apple’s app store has more than 65,000 apps, compared with 1,000 to 2,000 at the Nokia store. Apple thus has a substantial lead on apps.

There were a few significant announcements during the earnings call, which warrant attention.

The first point
The iPod growth story now appears to be tapping off. Shipments of iPods fell 7% from the first quarter to second. And iPod ASPs also declined, despite the growth of the more expensive iPod Touch.

Revenues from selling Mac computers actually fell 8% last quarter compared to a year ago. The company sold 4% more Macs than it did in the same period last year, at a lower price point.
Macs and iPods are slowing down and may be entering the declining plateau stage of their life cycles! Apple would have seen this coming, and the $99 iPhone would be cannibalizing the iPods, by design.

Secondly, if you read between the lines of Timothy Cook’s message, it appears that Apple has a trick up its sleeve. Quoting Apple COO, Timothy Cook

“I think some of the netbooks that are being delivered, or many of them, are very slow. They have software technology that is old. They don’t have a robust computing experience. They lack horse power. They have small displays and cramped key boards.”

Is this what Apple is going to spring upon Netbook manufacturers?

The invective makes you think that while Apple rails against the existing Netbook makers, may be, it has a net-book product that it plans to launch soon! Is this the Apple heralding its iTablet.

Apps Store: 1.5 billion downloads later, the Apple juggernaut continues

Beating the likes of Google, Nokia, RIM and Verizon, Apple has already taken the honours in the Apps store roll outs. It has also sold 1.5 million mobile applications for its iPhone and is counting more. While consumers find easy to buy apps by using the familiar iTunes interface; for apps publishers, the Apps stores provide the most efficient way to sell as operation and distribution costs are nil and the developer can afford to focus his resources in promoting his product on the Apps store.
The SDK 3 platform from Apple is also gaining more acceptance by more developers over other platforms for developing apps. To put it concisely, the competitors are unable to create a world that revolves around their products, a trick that Apple has mastered well.
The only other vendor that understands branding at that level is Nokia but then it is caught up in its own Smartphone problems and the Ovi Store has not had a great start. The other company RIM, continues to focus on the physical device at the expense of apps driven excitement.

No Batteries Required: Future Devices Could Power Themselves

Photo From Green Optimistic

From Live Science:

A dying battery on a cell phone or iPod is usually a simple inconvenience, but it can potentially ruin lives. Research now shows that high-tech devices will be able to power themselves in the future by converting pressure waves into energy. No recharge needed.

The findings, detailed in this fall in the journal Physical Review B, could have potentially profound effects for low-powered electronic devices such as laptops, personal communicators and a host of other computer-related devices used by everyone from the average consumer to law enforcement officers and even soldiers in the battlefield.