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Four Mobile Apps for Car Accidents

Airplanes have black boxes. After a plane has crashed, investigators are always very interested in finding the black box because it will tell them what happened right before the crash occurred and what was going on during the tragedy. Now people have this technology for their vehicles with mobile apps. The Automobile’s Equivalent to the […]

Prosecution Alters Pirate Bay Charges in Bid to Win Conviction

From Wired News:

STOCKHOLM – The Pirate Bay prosecutor altered the copyright-infringement charges Tuesday to make it easier to convict the four defendants who co-founded the world’s most notorious BitTorrent tracker.

Moments later, Hollywood investigators testified about the ease with which they obtained copyright works using the 5-year-old site.

But at the outset of Tuesday’s proceedings, the prosecutor, Håkan Roswall, announced a alteration of the charges, which legal scholars suggested would make it more likely to win a conviction.