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Rs 10,000 India’s first Android Jelly Bean 4.2 tablet in May as Lava to launch

Technological advancement is getting into a limit. There are some of the companies which are really creating few perfect sets in the way. In fact it is true that there are some of the quality aspects. Today with every invention there is a question of development and affordability. This is the reason it is not […]

Galaxy Note 10.1 is a new name for Samsung

It is a very versatile accessory. Suppose you are sitting in a car. You can use the Galaxy Note 10.1 place your gadget in front of you and use it without any hassle. You can even use the Galaxy Note 10.1 to while in a flight as it takes up very little space. The success […]

A Short History of the Mobile Phone

Despite the relative short history of the mobile phone, there are already various claims about how it all started. The reason for this is because we consider a mobile, or cell phone, a modern day phenomenon, but if you strip away all its mystique it is really no more than a sophisticated two way radio. […]

Nissho launches 52-inch glasses-free 3D TV

Japanese based company Nissho Electronic has rolled out a new glasses-free 3D TV into the market to its customers. The new glass free 3D TV is a latest and impressive invention which will definitely roll all eyes in surprise. This invention comes with several superb specifications as well as fantastic look. The latest glass free […]

Thinnest Ipad to be introduced soon

Iphones are the most extensive product of apple Inc. Ipad was first introduced by Steve Jobs in January 2010.  It offers facilities like great resolution, multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi internet, numerous applications, games, books, movies, two speakers, Bluetooth, EDR technology. Ipad was a treat to mobile lovers. Mostly all of them were amazed by its introduction. […]

The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8

Professor Fletcher’s invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, […]

Next-gen DVD stores terabytes

I still remember those days when i used to use floppies with Little storage of 1.44mb but today world has gained something. Earlier Compact discs came in market which brought the revolution in storing devices. After that, DVD (Digital Video discs) has …

Next-gen DVD stores terabytes


I still remember those days when i used to use floppies with Little storage of 1.44mb but today world has gained something. Earlier Compact discs came in market which brought the revolution in storing devices. After that, DVD (Digital Video discs) has invented which solved the storage problem at certain level. But still people are facing some kind of storage problem but this time this problem gonna over with the invention of Next-gen DVD which can store 2000 movies more then any storage device like Blu- ray Disc.

The Next-gen DVD can store 10,000 times more data than current DVDs. This kind of DVDs may be come in market with in a decade. The DVD capacity is 1.6 terabytes of data which is quite higher then current DVDs and Blu- ray disc capacities. Some of researchers says that The capacity of the disc can be increased by adding gold nanorods to the disc because nanorods react to light according to their shape thus allowing us to record information using light of different wavelengths, or colours, on the same location on the disc. Apart from this, polorisation is also helps to increase the capacity of disc.

Professor Min Gu, Director of the Centre for Micro-Photonics at Swinburne said “We have created a new recording device that can respond to different colour and different polarisation. By using these properties we can use more of the disc.” By using three different wavelengths and two polarisations, three layers of information can be recorded to disc. Researchers believe that it is possible to record 100 layers onto a single disc.

Dean Kamen Aims 'To Fix The World' With A 200-Year-Old Engine.

Dean Kamen wants to ‘to fix the world’ – using a 200-year-old engine Photo: BLAKE FITCH

Dean Kamen: Part Man, Part Machine — The Telegraph

Some see Dean Kamen as a Willy Wonka character whose most famous invention – the Segway personal transporter – is still the butt of jokes. Others compare him to Henry Ford. His next project, after perfecting an electric car, is to ‘to fix the world’ – using a 200-year-old engine nobody else thinks can work. By Adam Higginbotham

Ten years ago, on the summit of a hill in the verdant New England countryside, at the highest point he could find between Boston and Manchester, New Hampshire, Dean Kamen designed and built the sprawling, hexagonal house he called Westwind.

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Bizarre And Stupid Patents

Toilet Lid Lock
US Patent 3477070

This patent from 1968 is designed to help people who, for some unknown reason, might need to place a lock upon their toilet seat. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to work out who might use this device – and, frankly, the only thing I can come up with is that perhaps it could be used to punish men who forget to put the toilet seat down. The inventor is a woman – which gives weight to my conclusion. Forgetful men should be thankful that no one has actually tried to build this device!

Recirculating Toilet
US Patent 3593345

Sticking to the topic at hand, we have another toilet patent – this one is no more practical than the one above, and is actually quite revolting. This is a patent for a toilet which recycles its water with each flush – via a filter. Yes – it strains out the chunky bits and sends back the yellow! Thanks, but no thanks. 

Deer Carcass Sled Cum Chaise Longue
US Patent 3580592

From the patent: “The invention provides a device for conveying a game-animal carcass that has a lightweight, foldable frame. Means are provided for attaching ground-contacting members to the frame; these members may be either runners or wheels. Preferably, the structure is such that the ground-contacting members can be folded inwardly, for the sake of compactness. Attached or attachable to the frame is a harness, enabling it, when folded, to be strapped to a hunter’s back. The structure of the invention further comprises a back member that can be attached to the frame to form a chaise lounge or the like.” Basically, this is a device that can be used to carry a dead animal, and then converted to a sofa for your living room. Handy!

Eyeglasses With Built-In Rear-View Mirrors
US Patent 3423150

I can think of only one person that might find this patent useful – Maxwell Smart. This patent is for eyeglasses that are fitted with rear-view mirrors – so you can see in front of you – and behind you! 

Fluid Operated Zipper
US Patent 3517423

This is a patent for a fluid operated zipper. The image for the patent (it contains no description) does not seem to indicate where the “fluid” comes from – but I sure know where I hope it doesn’t come from.

Power-Operated Pool Cue
US Patent 3495826

Here is one for the cheats among us. This is a full power-drive pool cue. I am not a pool player – but how can this help you to improve your game? 

Carry All Hat
US Patent 3496575

This is a patent for a patently ugly hat that not only contains a space to carry your cosmetics, keys, and assorted other things that ladies carry in their purses, but it also has ear muffs. This would be perfect for the young lady who likes nightclubbing in winter but doesn’t want to carry a purse. It may hinder your chances of getting a date, but at least your hands are free to carry extra drinks.

Firearm With Whisky Glass Attachment
US Patent 3450403

I don’t have a problem with guns – in fact I quite like them, but adding a whisky glass to the top of a rifle is a recipe for disaster. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if Dick Cheney might have been testing one of these out when he was hunting with Harry Whittington in 2006.

Electronic Snore Stopper
US Patent 3480010

Snoring is one of nature’s most annoying gifts to man. If you snore – it can wake you up – if you sleep next to a snorer – it can wake you up. Some people even die of snoring! So, some bright spark came up with this design. It works by shooting electricity in to a person as soon as it detects a snore. The concept is bad enough as it is – but look at where the device sits! Imagine being woken up every 10 minutes by jolts of electricity passing through your neck!

Baby Patting Machine
US Patent 3552388

The number one device on the list is a machine which gentl
y pats a baby on the bottom to help it get to sleep (particularly useful for lazy parents or parents who like to lock their kids at home while they go out for a drink of an evening). But – while the idea as presented is not the best, it has potential… If the device could be sped up a little – this would be perfect for the parent of a little brat that needs regular and frequent doses of a good spanking! Tie the kid down, stick on the spanking machine, and you can relax in front of tele!