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High class stars on Samsung Galaxy phones

In two short months the arrival of five Samsung Galaxy S4 phones has been witnessed. Those are the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy S4 Look with, could pay day loans combinations loves follow louis vuitton outlet smell, like when alabama advance payday loans is this good louis vuitton watches the equipment […]

Samsung Galaxy S2

The pretty does not go with the word technology but if you signify a phone as outstanding then Samsung Galaxy S2 will be right pick. The look and the valour that it is profoundly showing you are something to be announced as the best. You can get an iPhone from anywhere but it is true […]

Asha 305

Nokia has recently launched new Smartphone members in it Asha series of phones. Among these new offerings is the Asha 305 which aims to bring the Smartphone experience to users at a really affordable price. The device is measured at 110.3×53.8×12.8 mm and its weight is around   98g only. The device has compact feel to […]

Seagate introduces Backup Plus Hard Drives

Seagate unveiled a new family of external hard drives named the Seagate Backup Plus family. The new Seagate Backup Plus drives come in both portable version known as Seagate Backup Plus (2.5-inch) as well as a desktop version, called Seagate Backup Plus Desk (3.5-inch). The Seagate Backup Plus drives have Seagate Dashboard, an interface that […]

S396 SATA 2 Solid State Drive from ADATA

ADATA had released yet another Solid state drive and the company had named it as S396 SSD. There are surely a couple of competing approaches at work as the USB 3.0 flash drive is employing the fastest and also the newest standard, while the new solid state drive is using the more common place 3Gb/sec […]

Top 3 Different CRM Systems

CRM system is an interface between the customer and the company. It helps the firm maintain a healthy relationship with its present as well as potential customers. Any company can attain its goal if and only if it maintains the customer relationship properly. In this technocratic era most companies go for opting modern techniques each […]

New Digg is Better, Cleaner and Blazing Fast

For all social media activists out there, get ready as Digg is about to reveal a new version of the website that is better, cleaner and blazing fast. Mashable reports: At the “Bigg Digg Shindigg” event at the South by Southwest Interactive Confere…

Motorola A810

Motorola A810 Unlocked Phonewith GPRS 10, EDGE 10, 2MP Camera, Video Playback, Recording, 3GPP, and MPEG4.

A Stylish Touch Screen for All Budgets.Be the envy of your friends with the sleek and chic A810. The A810 provides the functionality and feat…

Free Download Managers that supports HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent

Free Download Managers that supports HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent

Retriever Download Manager is a handy tool you satisfied with the speed.
This is a freeware software

Retriever is a download manager such as HTTP, FTP transfers and supports BitTorrent. It supports all functions needed to download files from the Internet, including resume, pausing and programming and presents information in an easy to use interface, while providing detailed information about the content and delivery of a graph that displays download speed in real time. It is also possible to modify the programs icons and look and feel.

Retriever also provides support for proxy servers. Retriever will capture the download links are copied to the clipboard or more links can be drawn to the download list. The application is distributed using an easy to use installer that provides integration with the Windows operating system and X Window Managers that support the freedesktop.org standards.

Downloads can manually enter the program or taken from the clipboard.

You can also drag and drop links to download list to capture them. If a sample of the text has fallen, will be treated on the left, you can use this behavior on multiple files simultaneously.

Retriever can also capture downloads directly from Internet Explorer or Opera through optional add-ons. See IECapture and Opera Capture pages for more info.

Download link:
Free download Retriever 1.8

Review – Malwarebyte' Anti-Malware 1.32

Tired of finding various malware infections on your computer? This free malware program is available from Malwarebytes and does the job when it comes to cleaning up your computer.

What makes this program worthwhile is the easy of use and effectiveness. The interface is easy for most computer uses to operate. The feature I enjoyed the best with this malware program is the ability to scan individual files in case you do not have the time to complete a full scan. This program picks up various things that slipped past offer virus protection and spy ware programs I have running on my computer.

You can download it for free from Cnet.com by clicking on the link here.

If you like the program, you do have the option to upgrade to the paid version for $24.95. This is something you may have to consider if you are looking for constant protection.