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Asus Gaming Laptop G74SX

The brand new Gaming laptop from one of the leading laptop manufacturer Asus is now available for pre-order, the company has named it as G74Sx, it boasts the latest hardware specifications along with a refreshingly unflashy design. This laptop which is gonna be one among the Asus Republic of Gamers series boasts a Intel quad […]

Acer unveils 11.6-inch AMD Congo-powered Ferrari One netbook

Acer has definitely established himself as one of the world’s largest suppliers of ultra-portable, also low power and low cost computer systems, so-called netbooks. Online vendor PC Aspire One netbooks are among some of the most popular choices for netbook fans, thanks to its design and high build quality.

However, it seems to have taken things to a new level by introducing a new model that will be part of its Ferrari line of portable computer systems. Netbook, which has a 11.6-inch screen, also comes with a rather unique list of hardware specifications, namely the Congo AMD’s platform, a step up from the current Intel Atom-based product.

Acer’s new netbook Ferrari manage to impress at different levels, thanks to a unique, Ferrari F1-branded exterior design, with a low power AMD processor and a very capable integrated graphics chipset. Ferrari dubbed task, the new Acer netbook is powered by the AMD Athlon X2 processor L310, running at a core speed of 1.2GHz with 1MB L2 cache and associated. The system works on M780G chipset includes the ATI Radeon 3200 graphics chip, a step up from the X1250 graphics chip for HP Pavilion laptop DV2.

Other hardware highlights include integrated Draft-N Wireless Solutions, Bluetooth, HSDPA and an optional six-cell 5600mAh battery. The 11.6-inch screen capable of carrying video and pictures on a screen resolution of 1366 x 768, while the integrated graphics supports hardware-accelerated, high-definition video can offer. The system also comes with Dolby Home Theater solution and has obviously going to cost € 499 a starting point.

Based on an Intel-based Aspire One netbook, the new Ferrari, a solution is expected to go on sale from 22 October in much the same day as the launch of Microsoft’s long awaited Windows 7 OS release.