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Pavilion m4 HP

how to get ex girlfriend back With the pavilion m4 HP has taken the laptop market by storm. It may very well prove that even at a comparatively low price you can still have a laptop with great features and solid performance. The HP pavilion m4 has set a new benchmark that its immediate rivals […]

Asus Zenbook U500VZ ultrabook

Asus has expanded its Zenbook laptop line with the launching of their new Asus Zenbook U500VZ ultrabook. The Asus Zenbook U500VZ ultrabook measures around 19.7 mm in thickness and is crafted from a sleek aluminum chassis that is layered with a spun hairline finish. The company claims to offer improved performance through its ultraportable and […]

Acer TravelMate P234 Ivy Bridge notebook

After the Aspire One notebook and the M5 Ultrabook, now the OEM is coming with the Acer TravelMate P234 notebook for those who are constantly on the move. The Acer TravelMate P234 notebook is suitable for small and medium size businesses, courtesy the integrated Ivy Bridge processors. Along with the third generation Intel Core processor, […]

Elitegroup Computer Systems launched A55 Series Motherboards

ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) which is one of the global leader in graphics cards, motherboards, notebook, mobile device and barebone system manufacturer had delightedly released its new family members of the AMD APU supported motherboards A55 series. The A55 series motherboards will surely provide users with more options to enjoy the entertainment life. The ECS […]

ASUS releases Dual-Core GTX 590 graphics card

ASUS announced to launch its latest ASUS GTX 590 graphics card which has dual-core GPU on a single board. The card uses dual NVIDIA GF110 cores and presents more graphics processing output than the other single board products. It is based on the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 590 and supports Directx11 & NVIDIA 3D Vision. The […]

ZOTAC releases new GTX 560 Ti Graphics card in India

Aditya Infotech Ltd launched the ZOTAC GeForce GT 440 series Graphics Cards in India. These graphics cards come with 512 MB and 1 GB DDR3 memory. The new ZOTAC GeForce GT 440 series provides decent graphics performance, value and features. The well-known models of the ZOTAC GeForece series are GTX 560 Ti, GTX 470, GTX […]

Asus reveals G53 and G73 gaming laptops in India

Asus India announced to launch two latest high end gaming laptops for Indian market called the G53 and G73. These laptops are belonging to Asus’ famed Republic of Gamers (ROG) series. These new notebooks have very powerful features. Alex Huang, the Country Manager for Asus System said, “Laptops from Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) series […]

The New Apple MacBook Air Unveiled

The ultraportable and most premium notebook ever, the Apple MacBook Air obviously stands out. The notebook is an awesome piece of art. It measures only 0.7 inch thick and weighs just 3.0 pounds and so this MacBook Air is the most happening portable device for mobile computing. It has the stiff aluminum body similar to […]

NVIDIA claims no implication in Hydra 200 chip delay

Yesterday we reported on the news in the early previews of what Lucid Hydra is 200 chip could, in this development. Although the product is still some time away from becoming available to consumers, there are reports claim that the technology is available on the market of delayed due to interference from Santa Clara, California-based ATI. This note shows that ATI now come with an official response to these reports and point out that no effort to address the above techniques, for his part.

After the said news item, our colleagues over at Fudzilla graphics chip maker contacted for an official response to the rumors of the reported effects of delay Lucid’s multi-GPU technology. This statement came from Igor Stanek, Nvidia’s product PR manager for Central Europe, which had this to say: “We (Nvidia) welcome Lucid on the market. We believe it is the best NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU solutions, and we are working hard to expectations of gamers’ SLI solutions which give good performance. Despite the rumors are unfounded, we do not have to switch to Lucid technology. “

As in previous articles, the Lucid’s Hydra technology is designed to provide consumers with the freedom of graphics performance to enhance its system by mixing two different graphics processors from the same vendor or different vendors. One of the first implementations of this chip will be in an MSI motherboard, called the Big Bang, which was delayed due to some problems as a driver of a chip.

Clearly above the MSI motherboard is quite true and that we need to relate to the market fast enough, given that MSI marketing and R & D have invested in this forum and probably want it to be released.

Intel plans to ship new Pineview Atom processors in Q4 2009

Last week, Intel, hosting the world’s leading supplier of high performance computer processors, its annual events IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in which the chip maker had a few messages that do, including the introduction of several new products. In addition, Intel also discussed some of its leading solutions, including the long awaited processors and Pineview, Georgia Pine Trail netbook platform. The company updated the Atom processors are expected to ship during the fourth quarter of 2009, confirming earlier rumors that have appeared on the internet, before
above shows.

Much has been said about the next generation of Intel Atom processors in recent months, particularly as this upcoming chips have a different architecture, compared with the current platform. Pine Trail, Intel’s upcoming Atom platform, comes in a 2-chip solution, compared with current 3-chip design platform. This is a feature enabled by the new chipset and processor design, graphics chip and memory controller into the processor, eliminating the need for third place chipsets.

The next generation processors will ship Pineview, Georgia in the fourth quarter of this year, according to a recent news article in PC World, citing Jeff Demuth, who works with Intel-platform marketing. Unfortunately Demuth not specified in Pineview, Georgia-powered netbooks will be available on the market, but there is a good chance that we will see a number of new arrivals in the first months of 2010.

Pine Trail platform Pineview, Georgia has the new Atom processors, which are expected to allow system designers to thinner and smaller systems, with better battery life, some features that should be appreciated by lovers netbook. But the graphics performance may not be the strongest feature of the next platform, but we are still to be seen whether the chip Santa Clara, California-based manufacturer has a netbook graphics improvement over the current solution.