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April Fools’ prank by Google’s new invention for finding treasure

It is being seen that Captain Kidd’s maps are being found with the help of the underwater treasure buried as per Google’s own consideration.  The treasures are considered to be one such element which is needed to be taken into a highest amount of glory. This being said that in a way it is a […]

Hoax message warning WhatsApp

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Motorola KRZR K1

Motorola KRZR K1 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, MP3 Player, Stereo Bluetooth, and MicroSD Slot–International Version with No Warranty (Black).

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Motorola V195

This quad-band mobile is your ideal companion for communications around the globe*, offering an unbelievable range of features from a vivid color display, MP3 ringtones**, integrated speakerphone, synchronization capabilities and Multimedia Messagin…

Is the Press Misreporting the Environment Story?

Melted water runs over the Greenlandic Icecap. Uriel Sinai / Getty

From Time Magazine:

When I tell other journalists that I cover the environment, I usually get the same reaction: you’re really lucky. (I’m assuming they don’t just mean because I still have a job.) After years on the back pages and the back burner, the environment has emerged as one of the major issues facing the globe today, with the attendant media attention to match. But what keeps it perpetually fresh as a subject is its scope — climate change touches on science, Washington, business, society, geopolitics, even religion, and the reporting does as well. The sheer complexity means there’s always something to write, blog or podcast about — as my editor likes to remind me. Frequently.


Facebook revert back to old policies


Facebook, leading social networking site around the globe, revert back to its old same user policies after feedback from millions of users. Earlier, Facebook changed its some user policies but it is found that most of the users are against the new policies.

The website posted a message to the user’s home page regarding the old users policies. In the message, it is mentioned that it was returning to its previous “Terms of Use” policy “while we resolve the issues that people have raised. Terms of use decides that details what the site’s owners can do with the information that users provide.

Facebook allows millions of users to create their profile where they can then connect with one another, upload photos and share links. The site boasts more than 150 million active users.

The website deleted a sentence from the old user’s policies. That sentence said Facebook could not claim any rights to original content that a user uploaded once the user closed his or her account. But after the overwhelming response from millions of users around the globe against the new policies, it is replaced it with: “You may remove your User Content from the Site at any time..however, you acknowledge that the Company may retain archived copies of your User Content.” Thousands of users has canceled their account. Moreover, Among them were more than 64,000 who joined a group called “The People Against the new Terms of Service.”

The company, in its post Wednesday, said it was returning to its previous Terms of Use because of the “feedback” it had received. Company spokesman Barry Schnitt said that the company is in the process of rewording its Terms of Use in “simple language that defines Facebook‘s rights much more specifically.”

Plumbing The Planet: The 5 Biggest Projects Taking On The World's Water Supply

An Israeli employee inspects membranes that extract salt from the water at Ashkelon’s seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant, south of Tel Aviv. Ashkelon’s desalination plant is one the biggest in the world. (Photograph by David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images)

From Popular Mechanics:

As nations and regions all over the globe face too much polluted water and too little fresh water, they are turning to some of the largest, most technologically complex projects the world has ever seen. Here, we have compiled five of the biggest and most ambitious. But are they big enough to keep the taps flowing?

The dire statistics are well-known, but deserve repeating: One in six people in the world live without regular access to clean water, according to the United Nations, and one in three lacks access to decent sanitation. Even countries with good water supplies—like the U.S.—will experience trouble sustaining them in the near future, as panelists discussed at the water roundtable PM hosted last fall.


Smallest Exoplanet Is Most Earth-like Yet

From Wired News:

The smallest exoplanet ever seen is less than twice the size of Earth, and orbits a star similar to our sun. Astronomers recently spotted this world, the most Earth-like planet yet discovered, with the COROT satellite.

“For the first time, we have unambiguously detected a planet that is ‘rocky’ in the same sense as our own Earth,” said Malcolm Fridlund, ESA COROT project scientist.

For all its similarity to our own globe, though, it is still a far cry away from a habitable Earth-twin. For one thing, it is so hot — between 1,830 and 2,730 degrees Fahrenheit — that scientists think it might be covered in lava. It orbits extremely close to its sun and whips around the star once every 20 hours.


Google Ocean Will Let Users Explore Shipwrecks And Reefs In The Deep Blue Sea

Watch footage of Google Ocean here

From Daily Mail:

They cover two thirds of the globe and contain 80 per cent of all life.

Yet the oceans are such as mystery that we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the undersea world.

Now for the first time, aspiring Jacques Cousteaus will be able to explore every square mile of the sea from the comfort of their own homes.


Antarctica Is Warming: Climate Picture Clears Up

This illustration depicts the warming that scientists have determined has occurred in West Antarctica during the last 50 years, with the dark red showing the area that has warmed the most. Credit: NASA

From Live Science:

The frozen desert interior of Antarctica was thought to be the lone holdout resisting the man-made warming affecting the rest of the globe, with some areas even showing signs of cooling.

Some global warming contrarians liked to point to inner Antarctica as a counter-example. But climate researchers have now turned this notion on its head, with the first study to show that the entire continent is warming, and has been for the past 50 years.

“Antarctica is warming, and it’s warming at the same rate as the rest of the planet,” said study co-author Michael Mann of Penn State University.