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Antarctica’s glacier melts and cause climate change

Glacier system melting doesn’t alone disturb the marine ecosystem but also cause some change in the global climate. It disturbs the carbon cycle at upper atmosphere disturbing the ozone layer. There is major risk in glacier melting and that is it will cause the increase in the water level, which in turn increase the risk […]

Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated, Suggests Study On Black Carbon

Savanna fires occur almost every year in northern Australia, leaving behind black carbon that remains in soil for thousands of years. (Credit: Grant Stone, QCCCE)

From Science Daily:

ScienceDaily (Nov. 25, 2008) — A detailed analysis of black carbon — the residue of burned organic matter — in computer climate models suggests that those models may be overestimating global warming predictions.

A new Cornell study, published online in Nature Geosciences, quantified the amount of black carbon in Australian soils and found that there was far more than expected, said Johannes Lehmann, the paper’s lead author and a Cornell professor of biogeochemistry. The survey was the largest of black carbon ever published.