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Mobile Casino And Android Software Unite!

Get the mobile casino and Android-compatible platform in one easy click! Have all your favorite mobile casino games right at your fingertips wherever you go! The news is out, and it is a hot topic around all the gaming communities everywhere. Now there is an Android-friendly mobile casino and Android users the world over are […]

A guide to efficient data management

The guide to efficient management of data illustrates the act of knowing why a bit of data exist, who exactly it is valuable to, for how long the data should be kept and when and how it should be discarded of.  This will entail doing information audits periodically and having users of information specify what data they […]

HTC Launched its ChaCha Smartphone In India

HTC had launched its all new ChaCha smartphone in India, it is a smartphone which is designed to give the users a seamless, social experience by enabling them to stay in constant touch with their buddies 24*7. This mobile has a unparalleled tilt design shapes with the display & physical QWERTY keypad so it’s comfortable […]

MAXX GLO MX388 Gaming Mobile Phone

MAXX GLO MX388 is a gaming mobile phone which comes with 250 preloaded games with dedicated gaming buttons, and much more cool features for ardent gamers.MAXX Mobiles, has launched its new mobile phone especially for game addicts.The MAXX GLO MX388 has 3 changeable A cover shells, along with a  1.3 MP camera, it also comes […]

Motorola RIZR Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition

Motorola RIZR Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition Unlocked Phone with Quad-Band, 2 MP Camera, MP3 Player and MicroSD Slot–International Version with Warranty.

Reinventing the slider phone, the MOTORIZR Z8 Ferrari brings multimedia, speed and pleasure to yo…

Dark Pearl Gray Motorola L6i Slvr Unlocked GSM Phone

Created for fun and designed for elegance, this slim colorful mobile phone comes complete with i-Mode service. Tricked out for fast reliable access to multimedia content and messaging. The added VGA camera and FM Radio make this the ultimate enterta…

Wisdom: We Still Don't Get It

“The Thinker” is a sculpture by Rodin. Credit: Dreamstime

From Live Science:

There is more information than ever at our fingertips, yet we’re none the wiser it seems.

And many old people are wise, as most of them will tell you, but sometimes they can’t remember your name, so how smart is that?

It’s paradoxes like these that lie at the heart of a new $2 million research project called Defining Wisdom. Based at the University of Chicago, the four-year initiative, supported by the Templeton Foundation, has enlisted 23 scholars ranging from historians to economists to psychologists to computer scientists to examine the idea of wisdom, with the aim of cultivating it and better understanding its nature.