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Find Out How Much Traffic a Website is Getting

Do you want to spy (or ‘research’) on your competitors to know how much traffic their sites are getting? Now there are a bunch of traffic estimation services (like Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, etc.) from where you can obtain statistics (page views +…

King's Bounty: The Legend Patch 1.7

Katuri Company and Atari have released a patch version 1.7 for King’s Bounty: The Legend thus upating the game to version 1.7. Several improvements have been made to the game through King’s Bounty: The Legend Patch 1.7.

Some of the improvements brought in the game through King’s Bounty Patch version 1.7 are:

Possible game crashes on video cards FX5xxx series are avoided.
Life time of ‘Cloud of Poison’ defines a number of attacks that Cloud can produce before it vanishes.
‘Holy Anger’ ability cannot influence demons and Undead in Player’s army.
‘Dancing Axes’ Talent for healing considers actual damage.
Items that went out of control do not give Morale bonuses.
Emerald Green Dragon got an ‘Immune to Mind spells’ ability.
Now Zeroc’s Wall ‘Protection’ parameter equals 10.
The formula of Intellect estimation for gremlin towers as items was changed.
Other minor corrections and improvements.

This King’s Bounty: The Legend Patch version 1.7 is for English, German, Spanish and Italian versions of the game only. You can download King’s Bounty: the Legend patch 1.7 from this link. Simply download and install King’s Bounty patch version 1.7 on your PC.