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Xi3 announces Chromium PC Modular computer

Xi3 Corporation announced to unveil the world’s first desktop computer which is designed to run on Google’s Chrome Operating System. The device looks very nice and also known as Chromium PC Modular computer. The Chromium PC Modular computer comes with some decent features and specifications. The Chromium PC Modular computer from Xi3 is designed to […]

Adobe has launched ‘CreatePDF’ and ‘SendNow’ application on cloud way

Cloud based computing is becoming a major development these days. With the help of cloud computing you can share resources, information as well as software applications that are delivered to the computer and other devices like smartphones required through internet. With the help of Adobe’s CreatePDF you can develop PDF online from a desktop PC. […]

MSI rolls out the Wind Top AE2220 all-in-one PC with multitouch display

MSI, one of the largest manufacturers of computer components from Taiwan and computer systems, has recently announced the official debut of its new Wind Top All-in-one computer system, as previously leaked AE2220. Designed for customers with full support for Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 is AE2220 Wind Summit, packed with a large 21.5-inch touchscreen display with multi-touch technology and some of the latest hardware components available on the

The new desktop PC offers an alternative for consumers who want to experience a full Windows 7 touchscreen computer that allows the performance to support the latest applications make it easy to enjoy today. MSI Wind Top AE2220 is designed as an all-in-one PC with an Intel chipset with integrated graphics solution from NVIDIA’s GeForce 9300 chip combining.

MSI Wind rolls AE2220 Top All-in-one PC with multi-touch screen
Enlarge image What are the technical specifications, the new system can be configured with a dual-core Pentium T4300 processor clocked at 2.1 GHz or a Core 2 Dup T6600 processor operates at a speed of 2.2GHz. Said processor options can be paired with up to 4 GB of RAM, a 320 or 640 GB hard drive, and GeForce 9300 integrated graphics. Additional features available for the new all-in-one PC with DVD burner, the 1.3MP webcam, two 5W speakers and 6-in-1 memory card reader. Connectivity on the page, the system is equipped with Ethernet, WiFi, both D-Sub and HDMI outputs and an optional hybrid TV tuner.

The new all-in-one system from MSI is already available in Europe and is available for pre-order for a starting price of € 799. The Wind Top AE2220 may prove to be a remarkable choice for those who want to buy a home computer that can deliver the performance and practical features in a compact format.

Dell's new Vostro 430 mini desktop packs Lynnfield processors

As you probably discovered, has recently updated the Intel processor platform with the introduction of the highly anticipated P55 platform, with the new LGA1156 socket and chipset manufacturer compatible i5 Core and Core i7 processors. After the official debut of the new platform, some PC vendors rushed to announce its updated portfolios proud new processors and platform. Thus, the Round Rock, Texas-based Dell recently announced the debut of its new Vostro 430 Mini Tower desktop, designed for professional users as the latest CPUs, graphics cards and support for Microsoft’s long awaited Windows 7 operating system.

“Over the past six months, Dell has underlined its support for small and medium enterprises through the launch of Vostro laptops and desktops that offer features, services, reliability and methods for their specific needs,” said Sam Burd Global Vice President, Dell Small and Medium companies. “The Vostro 430 is a good example of how we provide small and medium-sized businesses with a compelling reason to renew its technology, with a desktop computer that meets their needs today and leave enough room for growth.”

Boasting support for Intel’s Core i5 Core i7 processors and is compatible with the P55 platform, the new Vostro 430 Mini Tower desktop computer designed to support up to 16GB of DDR3 memory to 2 TB of internal storage, with two hard drive bays available. As graphics, new business-oriented desktop is designed to address some of the latest cards from both NVIDIA and ATI, user support will be provided with a range of choices in this segment.

Beginning with a price tag of U.S. $ 699, which will provide a Core i5-750-powered configuration, the new Vostro 430 Mini Tower Desktop PC now available for ordering directly from the website of the company. As you might imagine, is a free upgrade to Windows 7 are available for purchase.

Devon IT's TC5 thin client is more affordable

Devon IT announced today that it has decided on his line of VMware Certified TC5 thin clients less, which means that customers with a more economical way to facilitate in this segment. Said the family computer is designed to successfully integrate Intel’s Atom platform, which enables an energy-efficient alternatives to basic office computing environment. The TC5, which is orderable from IBM, is the only thin client that Intel’s Atom processor packs and are now for a starting price of just U.S. $ 299.

“We have decided to friendly and affordable for organizations to move to thin client computing further reduce the transition costs in advance,” says Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. “There is no doubt that interest in virtual desktop is growing and that new, more Powerful thin-client technology, such as TC5 – along with a sophisticated program that VMware View – expanding opportunities for IT managers and organizations need to do more with less. We are pleased to provide customers with this package of advanced technology with low-end prices.”

Based on the popular Intel Atom N270 processor clocked at 1.6 GHz with 2 GB maximum memory, the TC5 thin client available with a built-in browser, Firefox, Citrix Desktop Receiver, VMware VDM client, X11, Tarantella / Sun SGD Client and more, depending on configuration. The system supports up to 1920 x 1200 at 32 bit color on 2 screens, while the I / O, four USB 2.0 ports, one DVI-D, a DVI-I and a Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port to be included.

“Our Intel Atom processor-based thin clients TC5 in a performance that compete most recent generations of desktop PC in a stateless device that has a small place,” explains Stephane Verdy, CTO, Devon IT. “TC5 There is no fan and uses less energy than traditional desktop computers, lowering the overall total cost of ownership. Despite the small price tag, the performance of VMware View TC5 provides a powerful alternative to traditional PC desktop.”

Lenovo officially unveils the C100 all-in-one desktop PC

Lenovo has recently announced the introduction of its new all-in-designed a C100 desktop computer to take advantage of the low-power specifications of Intel’s successful Atom platform. Spotted back in early August, the new system fits a low-power Atom processor inside a 18.5-inch 16:9 LCD monitor, to offer users a choice for a home computer systems that are energy efficient and provides a basic home computing experience.

“Packed with intense experiences and available at a very affordable price, extends Lenovo’s consumer C100 offers for fast-growing all-in-one market segment,” said Dion Weisler, Vice President, Business Operations, Lenovo. “The C100 is easy to install and easy to use , perfect for those seeking a convenient way to enhance their digital lifestyle. “

According to some of the key features that have been highlighted by the company, the new C100 all-in-a-atomic system has been designed to offer customers a choice of a single-core Atom 230 processor, or a more performance-based can, dual-core Atom 330 processor. Measurement in at 18.5 x 14.5 x 4 inches, boasts the new all-in-one from the Lenovo one 18.5-inch 16:9 widescreen display with a two-inch screen depth design. In addition, the system also offers a built-in DVD burner / reader and four USB ports.

Although the desktop computer market is not doing very well, compared to the notebook segment, IDC believes that the all-in-one desktop category will account for significant growth, particularly in the U.S. market. The new C100 all-in-one will be an alternative for this segment, because we already have a starting price tag of U.S. $ 399 via the company’s website and various retailers.

Packard Bell intros updated ixtreme desktop PC

Acer has Packard Bell has just announced that the introduction of an updated version of the company’s ixtreme desktop computer that is intended to provide users with support for the latest computer hardware and certain characteristics that may have a computer experience. According to the company, the new system, designed for gaming and multimedia enthusiasts, packs a unique and stylish design, along with a number of high-performance hardware components.

What are the technical specifications, the new system can be equipped with a selection of Intel Core i7, Core 2 Quad or AMD X4 phenomena II processor. This provides users with the latest in computer performance, offering a range of high performance and a good performance and quality. It can also be equipped with up to 12 GB of DDR3 memory, 3 TB disk space, optional Blu-Ray Combo drive, NVIDIA latest GeForce graphics cards (up to GeForce GTS 250), or Intel integrated graphics solution with support for Microsoft DirectX 10.

In addition to pumping the system with the latest hardware performance, the new Packard Bell ixtreme desktop with a new exterior design, which is characterized by a more sophisticated chassis with top-position multi-card reader and I / O panel. There is also a new “Phot Frame” button to view images of the system’s hard drive or memory card to the monitor, as a digital photo frame. Packard Bell also has a “My Backup” button, which the end user to quickly back up their data on an external storage device.

Packard Bell also has a number of other options, including a number of accompanying program that Norton Internet Security, the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Nero 8 Essentials and Microsoft Works 9. What is the price and availability, Packard Bell announced that ixtreme would be available in July starting at € 599 and run on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition.

eSYS brings Mainstream Desktop PC in India

eSYS Information Technologies has introduced the all new Mainstream Desktop PC in India.

Mainstream Desktop is based on Intel’s E5200 dual core processor for enhanced performance with low power consumption. This ensures worriless day-to-day computing activities like listening to digital music, watching videos, playing games, editing digital photography and improved responsiveness with office applications.

The Intel processor used in the desktop is the first in the family of Dual Core CPUs with 2MB L2 cache size and with a clock speed of 2.5GHz at 800MHz of FSB speed.

“eSys is amongst the first few companies to introduce Intel E5200 Dual Core Processor based desktops in India as the end-users expect much more from their PCs than just being a productivity tool. Be it music, games or videos, they want the processor to be a consistent performer across a myriad range of applications,” said Vakul Bhatnagar, COO-Branded Business Group, eSys Technologies, India.“We are confident that both individual and office users will benefit from the enhanced performance and low power consumption capabilities of this processor,” he added.

It also packs in it Intel G31 Chipset, on-board shared VGA memory of up to 256MB and Intel GMA3100 graphics for 2D applications, DVD-Writer, 32-in-1 card reader with support for most of the multimedia cards and is powered by 300W power supply.

All this comes bundled in an attractive cabinet. Maintsream also brings with it a Microsoft Vista Starter Pack.

eSYS Mainstream Desktop PC has been priced at an affordable Rs.19,990 plus taxes.