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Inspan launches ViewSonic VA 1938w LED Backlit monitor in India

Inspan Infotech announced to unveil the new ViewSonic VA1938w LED backlit display in the 19-inch range of monitors across India. The new ViewSonic VA1938w monitor is designed with the attractive features. The device has an 18.5-inch large screen display. It supports resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is of a 16:9 aspect ratio. The […]

Internat Sales Tax Close to Becoming a Reality

With the US still dealing with a recession, companies and governments are looking at every possible source of income. One of those that has remained untapped by a good majority of the states is potential tax on items being sold over the internet. This is an area where many consumers were safe from the taxes of the government.

The following was courtesy of Yahoo.com

Following the lead of tax-hungry New York, 22 states and hundreds of retailers have joined a group called the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. The goal of the group is to simplify the methods by which sales taxes are calculated, collected, and transmitted online by creating a set of tax rules that rolls the thousands of state, county, and city tax codes into a single, simplified code. And the SSTGB also wants to make those rules apply to all online purchasers, even those across state lines, not just buyers in the same state as the seller’s offices. The SSTGB already has some of the biggest retailers around in its pocket, including Wal-Mart, Borders, and J.C. Penney.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about the prospect of the e-taxman. Amazon is famously suing New York for its requirement that the company collect sales taxes for all sales to New York, despite the fact that Amazon doesn’t have a physical presence there. It is collecting those taxes, though, in the meantime, as the case works its way to court.

Overstock, however, is not collecting those taxes, having fired 3,400 of its New York-based affiliates in order to skirt the NY legislation. (The recently-enacted law claims that locally-based “affiliates,” which collect a commission on referrals for sales of products sent on to a third-party retailer, constitute a physical nexus in the state and thus make the retailer responsible for tax collection.) Overstock is also suing New York over the law.

This issue is far from over and we can expect to see more discussion of it in the news as the 2009 fiscal calendar is only a few weeks away. So for now enjoy your tax free purchases until the taxman comes calling.

NFS Undercover Mod File

Need for Speed Undercover mod has been released by modder An7hrax. This high definition texture pack for the NFS Undercover game has enhanced all the in game textures. The game is said to be quite poor when it comes to graphics performance. Almost every texture in the game is said to be of low quality. Actually graphics in the game are highly blurred and someimes performs under low effects. This is the critical thing managed by NFS Undercover high definition texture pack .

By releasing NFS Undercover mod file with high definition textures, modder An7hrax has created very sharp and crispy graphics for the game. Modder has not done anything with the size of the textures so that they remain intact and have only enhanced the graphics performance of the game. Through NFS Undercover mod file for better graphics, all the ground textures, buildings, vessels, vegetation, borders and traffic signs have only been enhanced.

You can download NFS Undercover high definition texture pack from this link. Filefront hosts the download of he NFS Undercover mod file for better graphics performance. You can download and install this file on your PC, but there is a risk associated with this mod file. NFS Undercover high definition texture pack activates d3d9.dll file using online game play and you can be kicked off by Punkbuster for using that file. So it remains solely onto you whether you would like to download NFS Undercover mod file for high definition textures and install it or not.

NFS Undercover Mod file Installation Instrctions:

1. Place all the content to “C:ProgramsEA GamesNeed For Speed Undercover”
2. Open TexMod, click on the folder icon and point to your “nfs.exe”
3. Make sure to run in Package Mode and select the “NFSUC_HD_PATCH.tpf” in your “..*Need For Speed Undercover” folder
4. Run the game using TexMod and hav phun !