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What to do when people copy your blog content?

Do you know there are some people who are copying content from your blog without your permission and publish that content on their websites and blogs for few bucks? Do you have any solution to this problem? In this post I’m going to discuss several a…

10 Common Bad Habits Of Bloggers

“Pobody is Nerfect”. This rule applies to bloggers too who work hard daily to explore new things on the web and give new information through their blog. But lots of bloggers do mistakes in their early stage of blogging. It’s hard and rare to accept…

Automatically update your WordPress blog copyright years

Blog Copyright Its been a while since new year has passed and I have seen some of the blogs still having the last years copyright notification in their wordpress blog. (mostly in footer and some times in the sidebar as well or header as well). Her…

Blogspot FTP Publishing Stops : What’s next?

There are few features in Blogspot which makes it quite popular among blogspot users like custom domain name, FTP publishing and latest Page feature in blogspot. In FTP features, images and file which you upload will be uploaded to your own web server …

Import/Sync Gravatar to Gmail Contacts with Gravatar Importer

Few days back we had wrote about Google Contacts Outlook Synchronizer which lets you to sync to and from Gmail Contacts with Outlook. Now here is one more synching tool Gravatar Importer which lets you to sync your contacts in the Gmail Contacts addre…

Short Story Competition from Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips is one of the many blogs to which I subscribe. Today they announced a short story writing competition. It appears that the contest is open to anyone over the age of 13. All short stories must be less than 1,000 words. All entries must be in January 4th. Nominated pieces will be posted on Daily Writing Tips and readers will vote. The winner of the competition receives a full license to the executive edition of White Smoke writing and editing software ($310 value). To read the full contest rules and requirements visit Daily Writing Tips.

Applications for Education
This writing contest could provide a sizable real world audience for a high school student or possibly a middle school student. Yes, there are many writing contest specifically for students, but what I like about this contest is that if a student’s work was nominated he or she will instantly reach the more than 6500 subscribers to Daily Writing Tips.

It's Official! I'm Nominated for an Eddy!

It’s official, I have been nominated for an “Eddy” 2008 Edublog Award in the category of Best Resource Sharing Blog. I would love to win, but there are so many other great blogs on the list that I am happy just to be included in the list. I started this blog just over one year ago, I never thought it would get a following of more than 1200 subscribers.

If you would like to vote for Free Technology for Teachers please visit the voting page here.

My friends at Wicked Decent Learning have been nominated for the best Educational Use of Audio 2008. You can vote for them here.

Another great Mainer, Jim Burke, has been nominated in the category of Best Educational Wiki 2008 for the wiki he started, Learning in Maine. You can vote for Jim here.

If you would like to see the other categories and the list of all nominees click here.

What are you waiting for? Go vote. Seriously, just looking at the list of nominees will make you smarter.

How to Become a successful Blogger!

I am not a Pro blogger i start this blog just 3 month later. I want to tell you about how to become a sucessful Blogger! One of my friend is running a blog with daily 10k Uniuqe hits he give me some tips about Sucessful Blogging which are as follow

1) Don’t steal 100% Content
2) Use simple language
3) Don’t write whole story just give central idea
4) Post daily (Give only 15-30 min for Blogging in 24 hours)
5) Participate in Social Bookmarking website (Don’t do spamming)
6) Use Feedburner 
7) Participate in Forums
8) Do Link exchange if needed (Only with same Blogs like Tech…etc)
9) Don’t use any Black Hat SEO Tricks
10) Write something about Upcoming stuff like any Upcoming Mobiles etc…

These are 10 tips for perfect Blogging. I believe if you use all these tips you will be the winner:)

10 Decent ways to make your Blog Popular

Here are some tips to make your blog popular popular and more popular. As you know promoting a blog takes time and your attention..So first of all spear only 15- 20 min daily for Blogging. I suggest you when you see your blog is getting more than 300 – 500 so its time to Buy domain for your blog like MyTechblog.com..

  1. Update your Blog daily
  2. Add your Blog in all major Blog directories
  3. Link exchange with other blogs (Related blogs)
  4. Use easy langauge
  5. If you are making Tech blog try add some Youtube videos with your post
  6. Start a contest and give small gifts like 10$ or 5$ (Be honest)
  7. Also post your personal experience
  8. Don t convert your Blog into flog 
  9. Post in all famous Forums, Social bookmarking (Don’t spam)
  10. Increase your page rank (for detail see my previous posts)