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OnLive Game Service pops up with new Wi Fi feature

OnLive Game Service comes out with new feature of Wi Fi technology the feature is called Wi Fi beta. Now Wi Fi is available without any big installations or any new hardware . Previously OnLive use to provide gaming service, but only with wired technology. Now even with drop out if you go out of […]

Free download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1

The browser provides virus, popup and spyware protection in a simple, easy to use tabbed interface

firefox features:
Comprehensive popup controls to keep unwanted advertising off your desktop;
· A tab browsing mode that lets you open several pages in a single window, allowing you to load links in the background without leaving the page you’re on;
· Integrated search (powered by Google);
· Industry leading accessibility with Find As You Type – find links and page text by simply typing;
· Simplified privacy controls that let you cover your tracks more effectively;
· A streamlined browser window that lets you see more of the page than any other browser while at the same time being more configurable;
· A large variety of free downloadable extensions and themes that add specific functionality and visual changes to the browser.

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1

Free download cFosSpeed 5.01 Build 1580 Beta

Free cFosSpeed 5.01 Internet connection speed booster
Internet-Accelerator + Traffic Shaping + ping optimizer + packet prioritization

Key features:
· Free configurable Prioritization
· self-calibrating
· Layer-7 Analysis
· Firewall
· automatic router detection
· optimal Dial-Up connections
· VPN – WLAN – WiFi – MTU-Optimization
· Multi User Features
· broadband limits

Download cFosSpeed 5.01 Build 1580 Beta

please note this software is free 30 day trial only

Free download Microsoft Virtual PC 6.1.7234.0 RC – OS Enhancements

Free download Microsoft Virtual PC 6.1.7234.0 RC – OS Enhancements

Allows PC to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on one workstation

Virtual PC Beta – freeware

Windows Virtual PC (Beta) is the latest Microsoft Virtualization technologies to provide many commercial programs on a virtual Windows environment that runs with a single click, directly from a Windows 7 PC.

Download link:

Free download Microsoft Virtual PC 6.1.7234.0 RC

Browser-based Office shows its face

The technology preview of Office Web Apps allows users to edit Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and view (but not edit) Word documents.(Credit: Microsoft) Microsoft plans on Thursday to start public testing for the first browser-based v…

New features and preview of iPhone 3.0

Finally the moment for which all iPhone users have been waiting for is here. iPhone 3.0 has been released into the making bundled with tons of new features and a couple of new applications. Apple conducted the iPhone 3.0 event in quite an interesting m…

Make money on Youtube

In a blog from YouTube product manager Thai Tran, he says that you will be able to download videos from Youtube. Moreover, it will be possible for the video provider to obtain payment for video clips.

The video can be downloaded below a so-called Creative Commons license. It is up to the author of the video clip to be available for download or not.

This service is currently in beta and only selected, initially given the opportunity to try to sell video clips. The bottom you’ll find a link where you can preview the video President Obama, who is free to download as MP4.

The price per video will be around. 5.75 dollars and it is not clear how many of those who go to Youtube.

World of Warcraft – 36 Accounts??

One World of Warcraft gamer doesn’t like to depend on other players when he conducts raids in the game. He believes he can do it all by himself, and we mean that literally.

He has 36 WoW accounts. How much does this extravagance cost him per year? Try subscription fees, totaling $5711 per year, on for size.

He runs 11 PCs simultaneously to control all his characters. It may cost him $5711 in subscription fees, but this doesn’t include the cost of his electric bills and Internet connection charges. The gamer goes by the screen name of Bradster, and in his own words explains why he does what he does.

“A lot have asked me, why create so many [characters]? The main reason is to invade Stormwind and Ironforge when they reach top level. I’m sure the Alliance will put up a big fight when that happens. We’ll see how it goes.”

Bradster doesn’t think the high cost of playing WoW is an issue.

“It costs me exactly $5711 in subscription costs per year with 36 accounts on the 6 month pay schedule. Not bad considering I’m looking at it like it’s a hobby and there are more expensive hobbies out there than World of Warcraft.”

He explains that many of his characters have leveled up quite nicely.

“32 of my shaman are level 61. One shaman that I had before I started the 32 is at level 70 along with 8 other level 70 classes that I had. By the way, I have 9 level 80 shaman created on the Murmur PvP realm in the Wrath of the Lich King beta.”


You have to be some sort of a tech geek to accomplish what Bradster has done in order to play so many accounts at the same time. And in fact, Bradster does sound a little geeky.

“For my keys to send to all instances of WoW on my 11 computers, I use Octopus 1.3.2. Maximizer in Octopus allows me to start up all WoW instances at the same time or any individual instance such as if a WoW instance has crashed. It also allows me to shutdown all of the computers at the same time.”

All we can say about Bradster’s fixation on World of Warcraft is, “wow.”

Courtesy of GamerNode