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Compare Chevrolet Optra and Honda city

Chevrolet optra and Honda city are among the leading cars in India in its segment. Glance and Style of both the cars puzzled the Buyers for so long. Everyone has its own choice and own taste. This article might help you to choose.
Comparing the two cars we find Chevrolet optra is little better than Honda city. Looking at the very first instance the Chevrolet optra is available in two versions viz. petrol and diesel(so chevrolet optra is trying to tap both the users), while on the other hand Honda city is available in only petrol version. Even the capacity of the cylinder is also better in Chevrolet Optra which is 1.6L in petrol version while looking at Honda City it has a cylinder of 1.4L only. Engine displacement in Honda City is just 1497cc while in Chevrolet Optra it is 1598cc. Besides this airbags are also present, as safety measure in Chevrolet Optra which are hardly found in Honda City. Even the outside door mirrors are electrically adjustable in Chevrolet Optra which are not so in case of Honda City. Chevrolet Optra is often provided with Tachometer as a feature which is not found in Honda City. I hope you would love the comparison between Chevrolet optra and Honda city , feel free to comment.

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