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Mushkin announces new SDHC and microSD cards

Mushkin, which is known for quality memory and storage products, has now announced to unveil new high performance SDHC and microSD cards. According to the company, these cards are exceptionally upgrades for digital cameras, camcorders, tablets and mobile devices. The SDHC cards have a Class 10 rating and offer a transfer speed of 10MBs per […]

S396 SATA 2 Solid State Drive from ADATA

ADATA had released yet another Solid state drive and the company had named it as S396 SSD. There are surely a couple of competing approaches at work as the USB 3.0 flash drive is employing the fastest and also the newest standard, while the new solid state drive is using the more common place 3Gb/sec […]

Coleman portable propane coffeemaker

Coffeemaker as everyone make be familiar with they are a kind of cooking appliances which used to brew coffee. It reduces the work (i.e.) there will be no need for having separate container for boiling water to brew the coffee. Coffeemakers differ by their brewing principles and many other factors like their appearance, fragility, rigidity […]

ASUS releases Dual-Core GTX 590 graphics card

ASUS announced to launch its latest ASUS GTX 590 graphics card which has dual-core GPU on a single board. The card uses dual NVIDIA GF110 cores and presents more graphics processing output than the other single board products. It is based on the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 590 and supports Directx11 & NVIDIA 3D Vision. The […]

Techcom releases latest entry level LED monitor at affordable price

Techcom announced to introduce its latest and the cheapest entry level LED monitor, namely SSD LED 1506 monitor. With this LED monitor, Techcom has entered into the market of LED technology. The SSD LED 1506 monitor is a stylish and elegantly designed device with LED backlighting and its top-notch glossy Piano finish makes it very […]

Patent rights promotion for IT giant, Infosys

Infosys, the IT jumbo is going to have an increase in its patent list, as lot of patent registered by the company will be granted to the company by this year end .The company had lodged patent rights all over the globe especially in Europe and US. Most of the patent filing seems to have […]

Motorola MING2 A1600

Motorola MING2 A1600 Unlocked Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, Media Player, and MicroSD Slot–International Version with No Warranty (Black).

I purchased my first Ming about 3 years ago and when I lost the first one, I went straigh…

PlayStation 3 Ads Through The Years

PLAY B3YOND – 2006 Marketing Campaign

Everyone remembers the crying baby and the weird commercials with the PS3 doing some odd things. The footage below speaks for itself. To many (and I do mean many) these ads were a big miss for Sony. While the slogan “PLAY B3YOND” is still used by many PlayStation fans the ads themselves, were not that great.

Universe of Entertainment – 2007 Marketing Campaign

Everyone remembers the “Ladies & Gentlemen” ads. As a matter of fact, some think that these ads were the best commercials Sony ever produced in the last 3 years. While the ads themselves were effective and were well received, Sony really didn’t back the commercials up. While you saw them occasionally on TV they were hard to find on any channel. To some it seemed like a missed opportunity to get many people to buy a PlayStation 3.

Entertainment Unleashed – 2008 Marketing Campaign

Remember these commercials… what you don’t? That’s probably because (much like the 2007 campaign) Sony didn’t show them very much. And also like the 2007 campaign, it didn’t run on many networks. Fans also criticized that the message in these commercials wasn’t coming across very clear. This campaign was (arguably) the least well received campaign Sony made in the last 3 years.

It Only Does Everything – 2009 Marketing Campaign

So now we’re here, 2009, and the Slim PS3 is here. Can Sony’s marketing team pull off a vital campaign and get the PS3 seen? I believe that answer is, yes. With the first commercial (seen below) now on networks and actually running on stations like Cartoon Network, G4, SyFy, and Spike, Sony might have actually made a great marketing campaign that we can all laugh with and respect. The commercials also promote what owners of the system have been asking Sony to market: the $299 price, PSN, exclusive games, etc. I can’t help but tell the Sony marketing team “good job”, because they certainly did a great job with these ads.

EU hacks your computer

Ministers in Brussels has given the police forces in EU countries the power to hack people’s computers without a search warrant.

EU hopes certainly understand that this will be an important policing tool in combating international crime, but in England where they now are in the process of implementing legislation based on the steps, the proposal made in breach headwind from civil rights groups and other concerned souls .

Most shocking of civil rights groups and some opposition politicians is that you do not need a search warrant to perform hack no. This breaks sharply with the classic British law around the state access to private property, and it obviously does not help that the authorities guarantee that only happens in stark where crime penalty is more than 3 years, reported The Times.

It helps probably not on the credibility of the British proposal that the authorities conducting classical “news peak” by renaming hacking for remote searching. “