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There are a lot of video players that are available on the web. Up until recently Flash dominated the the way people accessed media files, more specifically videos. This is up until recently that HTML 5 has caught fire. HTML 5 has actually been in practice for quite some time, but until recently was unpopular. Now that the popularity has started to explode, all of the latest browsers have given support to to the HTML 5 video tag. Now that devices like the iPad and iPhone have become so popular and have decided not to support Flash HTML 5 has exploded. The video player that HTML 5 can produce is slowly becoming the standard.

There are a few problems with HTML 5 video. First, you do not get the same video player across all browsers. The plain video tag, although very functional looks different from browser to browser. That, and the fact that the video tag isn’t supported by older browsers leaves you very uncertain about what your viewers are seeing. Another complex problem is the inability to switch to fullscreen. While you can easily adjust the size of your video player, it is important to be able to save space and allow users to maximize a video on the go. Other than that, HTML 5’s video tag has the ease, and effectiveness that web developers have been looking for.

To fix these problems there have been a number of HTML 5 video players that have fixed the “big problems” with HTML 5. One of these is Sublime Video. This video player is similar to VideoJS except it comes with a cost. Now the cost is due to a number of features that you can optionally have. First lets talk about what you get with Sublime Video.

Sublime Video boasts a number of great features. 

  • Works in any browser
  • Mobile support
  • Always up-to-date
  • Cost effective
  • Highly Compatible, no recoding
  • Consistent User Interface
  • Your Video Sources
  • JavaScript Independent, not based on any JS libraries
  • Powerful API

You can have all of those features, as well as a few options on how you ant to display your videos. You can chose between various skins that are customized using CSS, or even style them yourselves.One option you can chose the single player, which is virtually just a basic stand alone video player. You can chose the zoomable thumbnails. This lets you save space and have a number of videos that will pop out upon being clicked. From there you can either exit out or chose the full screen option. Finally you have the interactive thumbnail option with works to display certain thumbnails with the ability to click on them and have them display in the main video. This is great for sites with related videos, or when you want to play videos one after the other. You can check out the full functionality of these examples here.

With this video player you are going to have to pay little bit for the service. The good news is that it starts off at $9.99, and you have a 30 day money back guarantee. You also can try it out for free while you are developing your site, as well as get the first 2 months free. There are four different plans ranging from 10 bucks to 100. The difference between them is virtually the number of views your are allowed to have per month. Basically more views, is worth more money. For the top two plans you also get priority support. It is really a minimal cost for having such a dynamical reliable video player.
So what other advantages does an HTML 5 video player offer. Well, the biggest advantage you will have is reaching the growing number of mobile users. With full compatibility you can reach a wider audience, and be sure that reach full potential when it comes to attracting traffic. HTML 5 is also a great way to have your videos properly indexed, due to the ease of the video tag. This is great for SEO, and is the best way to have your videos start ranking for certain queries. If you combine this with effective SEO, then you could really start to see an increase in traffic.

The HTML 5 Sublime Video player is a great way to start showing some high quality videos. While there are many other options you can chose from with HTML 5 video players, Sublime gives some great features that others simply do not offer. One that is close, and that is free is VideoJS. However, you can try Sublime for free, and then go from there. You have nothing to lose, and with an HTML 5 video player you have everything to gain.

This article was written by Alyssa Jacobs. Alyssa likes to blog on the internet about health technology, Apple products, and other various internet related topics. She works with providing the latest acne products.

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