Razer Electra Headphones

Razer had introduced a gaming headphone that feature 40 mm neodymium drivers for enhanced bass. These headphones claim to bring out a better noise reduction, this headphone has a pretty rare combination of cushioned ear cups and circumaural design, comfortablity is promised by means of a flexible headband, light chassis, detachable cables(stereo\mic) and replaceable faux leather cups.With the help of 1.3 meter long detachable cable, the Razer has geared the Electra headphone for outdoor use with Portable Music Players as well.

Razer has introduced a couple of soft headphones that are designed for gaming on-the-go. The detachable 3.5mm jack cables on the headset are the most interesting feature of this Electra headset, surely it looks like something the users might not use, but if they have ever tripped on their cord, or accidentally pulled it out , this detatchable cables are easy even for transportation purposes, this is a godsend. Razer pushes this headset for the gamers who wanna have a headset for their hones and as well as for the gaming purposes, It boasts a  mic enabled cable which is compatible with the mobile phones like BlackBerry, HTC and iPhone.

The green and black design of this Electra headphone is sure to draw few unwanted attention, as it unique design stands out from the average headphones, although we have a feeling that this green and black design was done intentionally. Most of the users are looking for a replaceable leatherette i.e synthetic leather ear cushions, ear cups with a “snug fit” and also enhanced bass response. The cables of this headphone are rubber sheathed, but we still have to wait and see that how far this cable stands unique from other headphone cables.

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