Preview of Mac OS update: Apple

As Google uses Android as its OS, Apple uses this Mac as its OS (Operating System). On Thursday Apple called on for a preview in regards with the update of the Mac OS. “Mountain Lion” is also used so as to they would be able to copy many features and apps (applications) from iPhone and iPad to the Mac OS.

This Mountain Lion holds the Game Centre, which is the iPhone apps store where it helps the user to know about the opponents and also on the high score for each game. iCloud, the new internet storage service which is exclusively designed for mobile service and application and this iCloud is integrated with Mountain Lion.

The new updated software will be on sales from this summer, Apple sources said. This preview version which is being released will however help the software developers to judge on the products made and take more advantage on the OS. Mountain Lion users can download the preview version of the required app for free.

The new Msg (Messages) app will replace the iChat and the updated Apple Mac OS. Similar to iPhone, the Notification Centre will be kept to show the changes and regards with it the alerts from email and calendar programme.

California based company, Cupertino said the rate of Lion as $30 and they didn’t mention the cost of Mountain Lion. Apple decide to make its OS similar to iOS which is the tablet OS. For better control of MacBook, they have expanded the gestures enabled through the touchpad facilities.

With the static PC developing market, Apple Mac sales are much busy around. Apple maintains a strategy of using big cats to differentiate between there developing Os versions from the updates since 2001. For the first time in 2010, the iPhone sales overtook the sales range of the Mac.

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