Now you can see the world in iPhone through Google Goggles

Have you ever heard about Google Goggles?? Google has a launched new item for its Google mobile application ‘Google Goggles’. Google Goggles aids you to get good pictures taken by camera, mobile or any handheld device. Google Goggles can be downloaded and is an image recognition system which can now be included in iPhone also. Google Goggles basically arrived in the market with the Android operating system helping the mobile application. Now it is just a press on the camera button in order to search with the help of goggles

According to Milan, who is one of the team members of Google Mobile Application, Google Goggles helps you in searching by taking the pictures and now the same goggles found with android is used in iPhone. The Google Mobile application works with the help of the location of the phone giving relevant details of the search nearby your phone and thus answers your queries.

Tapping on the camera button, Google Goggles will search; analyze the results obtained for images and whatever object it identifies is highlighted. Google check whether Goggles work well for logo, landmarks, DVD, book covers, games etc .Though you would like to try searching animal, food ,plants ,clothes etc., it wont fetch, as that work is not yet added to it

Now Google Goggles are available for free in the Apple application store .You can search using keywords ‘Google Mobile Application’ and you will get a link to download .the latest one.

Goggles lack an auto focus system in camera .So it can only be used in iPhone 3 GS as well as iPhone 4 executing iOS 2 and above. Goggles now work only for users preferring English Language.

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