Nokia Luna NFC headset

As a new addition to the family of NFC gadget, Nokia has introduced this NFC headset. NFC (Near Field Communication) which can be used as a Bluetooth for transferring and also as a headset.

Design and price: Price yet to be announced and the design stated as innovative, quirky and cute.
Colors: Black, green, pink, white and blue
Size: Three ear bud size
Appearance: Plastic pebble for the first who see.

It poses a small plastic triangle of its material within it at the bottom. When it is being pressed a little with no force it pops out. This triangular shaped device is very tiny of weight of about 5 grams and that is the headset. The cradle that is carrying it is just 15 gram.

The structure at the beginning would be too confusing and to clear up the things, the plastic cradle is used in charging through the USB port and triangular shaped device is the headset.

Connection via Bluetooth is too easy and simple. If you wish to hear songs in headset through NFC, then you should just tap the NFC enabled phone and the NFC tag present on the cradle, then the connection is established instantly. Connection with 8 devices at a time is possible but only two of them can be accessed simultaneously. This is for usage between home and work phone.

Answering calls:
It is done in many ways such as if the headset inside cradle then press the multifunction option on the top of the cradle or press the answer option in the headset or like normal procedure take out the headset from cradle, place it inside your ears and answer the call.

Call quality rated average, because it takes up all noises also so for noisy environment it’s not advisable and if the sound is high then the receiver would feel the difference in voice. Talk time is estimated as 8hours and 60 days standby.

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