Nokia Launches Dual-SIM Phone

Nokia, the well-known brand in mobile phone industry has forayed into dual-SIM phone markets. The Finland-based company launched two handsets with dual-SIM feature in India. This is a strategic move aimed at strengthening the position of Nokia in country and increasing its market share.

Nokia once dominated the Indian handset market along with other brands such as Samsung and LG. But in recent times, some homegrown brands have come up in the market. The brands like Micromax, Spice, Zen, and Karbonn have ventures in handsets market and they are giving a tough competition to established global giants like Nokia and Samsung. The new crop of handsets has the USP of being rich in features and low prices that appeal to every segment.

Most entry level users of handsets require dual SIMs in their phones for various reasons. They want to economize time and improve the efficiency of their phone and get increased convenience. Nokia has tried to address these requirements of people and launched two new handsets with dual-SIM features. The new handsets also have other regular features along with some relevant innovations and they are available at affordable prices. These points were discussed while Mary McDowell, executive Vice-Presidents of Nokia (mobile phones) was addressing the reporters.
The first handset, Nokia C1, is available at price of Rs 1,999. It comes with features like flashlight, FM radio, and call divert to ensure that the users do not miss any call from either of the two SIMs in their phones. This new handset, Nokia C1 can only be used for voice and SMS. The second handset, Nokia C2, will be available to users later this year. It will allow users to access services such as Ovi Life Tools and Ovi Mail. Nokia C2 will also have a music player along with support micro- SD cards of up to 32 GB.

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