Nikon 1 J1: Nikon Imaging Asia Pacific Camera

Nikon said that it was a pleasure to introduce the new Nikon 1 Series, Nikon 1 J1. The most advanced feature or specialty of this camera is that it uses “interchangeable lens digital system”.

1)    Price: Rs. 40,950 for the special pink color kit. Rs. 29,950 (10-30mm). Rs. 39,950 (zoom 10-30mm added 30-110mm).
2)    Color: There are totally five colors available which include silver, red, special pink, black, and white.
3)    Motion snapshot: Focusing at a place the camera will be able to sense the motion and takes picture accordingly.
4)    High speed Auto Focus CMOS sensor: The CMOS is been newly developed with German engineering and it has effective pixel count of 10.1MP. Nikon 1 J1 is the world’s first sensor which is been created with the implementation of the phase detection Auto Focus.
5)    Flash: It has built in flash, HD movie size of 1920 X 1080/60i, smarter and faster photo selector mode.
6)    Adapter: The optional adapter is present so as to allow the Nikon 1 series to be used as F mount NIKKOR lens.
7)    Slow motion sensor: slow motion video (movie) is effective by 400 fps and 1200 fps, in pixels its 640X240 and 320X120 respectively.
8)    Exterior buttons: There are only three buttons to face the top direction and the rare face is featured by single mode dial.
9)    LCD: Crystal clear LCD monitor and approximately 480k viewing angle and 3-inch LCD with protective glass.

Reviews and feedbacks on Nikon 1 J1:
a)    Memories are those which are most precious thing in the world and this Nikon 1 J1 series is very good at preserving our memories by its potentiality in taking pictures.
b)    This camera is something special and gives a smooth and quick start.
c)    Each and every moment is captured very accurately, regardless of slow or fast emotion.
d)    Video or movie editing mode is present and it is so simple software.

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